Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Going to Paint the Town Orange and Black

I wanted to take a break from my NYC overload and share some photos that were a little closer to home. As some of you might know, my dear San Francisco Giants won the World Series a few weeks ago! It has been a very exciting time for us here in the Bay Area, and the streets of San Francisco have never felt more alive. You'd think that weeks after the win the lines to enter the Giants Dugout stores in the malls would die down a little,  right? Well, guess again. Scores of people still want a piece of SF history, and who can blame them? I would be lying if I said I was a die hard baseball fan, but I've always enjoyed spending parts of my summers at home at the park. When you're rooting for your home team, stuffing your face with garlic fries, and enjoying the company of old friends, what can be better? While I wasn't able to make it inside the ballpark for any of the games this time around, I did take advantage of the Giants atmosphere all around the city. Below are some photos I took from the last game at home before the Giants took Texas. Can't you just feel the excitement?
Gotta hand it to those who waited in the freezing SF bay hoping to catch a fly ball!
Them be fightin' words: The message to Texas was loud and clear
Fear the Beard.

Photos of me by: DJ Lan; All other photos by: Chandamheer

PS: If anyone has trouble seeing any of the photos in my previous post, will you please let me know! I think I've exceeded my photobucket bandwidth for the month, which means time to upgrade. On this note, what do you guys use to host your photos? I appreciate any feedback! 

UPDATE: Sorry, everyone! I'm having a bit of blogger trouble with my photos. It seems that my bandwidth for photobucket won't be restarted until next week. Hopefully, all my future posts will be ok. Sorry for the inconvenience!! I've been trying to fix it all day :( 
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