Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DailyBuzz Style April 9x9: Statement Necklace Style Challenge

Thanks to our friends at Accessorize who made this style challenge possible and are the sponsors of this post. To check out their complete line of jewelry, please visit: http://us.accessorize.com/.


When your wrists haven't grown since the age of five and your fingers are like long string beans, you learn fast that bracelets and rings will almost never make it as a part of your daily ensemble. While this is a hard thing to accept, given the latest "arm party" trend, you learn to cope and work with what you've got. Thankfully for gals like me, there are statement necklaces to be had, and boy, do I love to have them. This beautiful bold necklace by Accesorize was sent to me as a part of DailyBuzz Style's April 9x9 Styling Challenge. I was thrilled when I received it because I kept thinking about all the ways I could wear it. For the challenge, I decided to style my new necklace with my favorite new ombré button up c/o Crash and Burn, a gold skirt from Forever 21, a white boyfriend blazer from Nordstrom, a bag from Urban Outfitters and quilted black flats by Steve Madden. I love how the ombré shirt matches with the clouds in the sky, the necklace compliments the gold skirt, and the bag and flats finish the outfit off. Often times, an outfit is amazing on its own, but once you add a statement necklace, like the one above, it makes your clothes come together in a different way.

IMG_5845.1 IMG_5861.1 IMG_5880 IMG_5824.1
Necklace: c/o Accesorize & Daily Buzz Style; Button up: c/o Crash & Burn; Skirt: Forever 21; Flats: Steve Madden; Blazer: Nordstrom; Bag: Urban Outfitters

I want to give a special thanks to DailyBuzz Style for giving me the opportunity to be featured in this month's challenge! Also, I know it seems like I fell off the face of the planet last week, but I was terribly busy with work, planning a last minute trip to Coachella, filming a special campaign project, and am just now getting back into real life, ha! Promise to be better in the weeks to come. Lots of good things coming your way, so I am excited to share!!

Finally, if you like my necklace (and why wouldn't you?) and want one for your own collection, enjoy 20% OFF the Accessorize shop when you enter the code: LAUNCHUSA20 at checkout. Offer good until May 5th! I hope you all enjoyed the way I styled my statement necklace!


  1. I love that necklace! It might just be my next purchase. It's seriously stunning! And you too!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  2. I'm honored to also be a part of this challenge :) I have the same skirt, and I am completely obsessed with dip-dye and tie-dyed anything right now. Love the way the top shows off the necklace!

  3. Love the metallic skirt and the necklace, such a cute look.

  4. What a fun necklace! It totally reminds me of the Princess Jasmine wore in Aladdin :)

    Cable Car Couture

  5. That necklace is lovely! I like how you paired it with that skirt, so glam and chic


  6. love it!
    xoxo Sienna


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