Friday, May 11, 2012

Food Friday: Woodhouse Fish Co.

Woodhouse Fish Co. 1914 Fillmore Street

The gist: Last week, the boy and I were in the mood for seafood, so we made our way down to Pac Heights to try Woodhouse Fish Co. I had heard a little bit about it before and because the menu looked appetizing to both of us, we were really excited for dinner. When we got there around 7 or so, the wait wasn't too bad at all, especially considering it was a Friday night. After taking a closer look at the menu, it was a little harder to choose what to order, but with a little help from our server we finally placed our orders and waited. We started with six half shell oysters and a bowl of clam chowder. I ordered the Stuffed Artichoke, which was split in half, grilled, and then filled with dungeness crab and bat shrimp. The boy ordered the Toasted-Buttered Dungeness Crab Roll.

crab roll
menu clamchowder oysters 1 artichoke shrimp

What I liked: The menu has a fairly good selection, especially if you are a seafood lover. From fish and chips to fish tacos, there's something in there for everyone. The clam chowder we started with was delicious and a perfect portion for sharing. I also appreciated the generous size of my main dish. My artichoke was laid over a refreshing salad (with beets! I love beets). And, I stole quite a few of the boy's fries because they were oh-so-delicious. What I didn't like: I was a bit disappointed with the oysters. Not to be nitpicky or anything, because they were good, they just weren't great. I've had a lot of oysters in my life (a lot), so I appreciate a good, plush, fresh, cold oyster. I know what I like, and I've had better. I've also had a lot of crab in my life (a lot, a lot), so I wasn't too wow'd by the crab stuffed in my artichoke, but it was still a good dish. I think next time I will go for the crab cakes.

Overall, Woodhouse is definitely reasonably priced and you get what you pay for. The service is good and the food is equally as good. I can't say that this was my favorite place, but I should probably warn you that because I basically grew up on seafood, my expectations for  it are a lot higher than most. I'm just a girl who loves her sea creatures!


  1. That literally looks amazing!!! Great photos!!

  2. Everything looks so good, love seafood too!

  3. Ahhh yum! I'm a sucker for seafood!

  4. I'm in love with your hair woman!


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