Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Times Like These, I Need Relief Please Show Me How, Oh, Show Me How To Get Right

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Dyed Draped Button Up Tunic c/o ShopAkira; Vest: Forever 21; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Jessica Simpson  

I've been searching for the perfect white pant since maybe my sophomore year of high school, which was the last time I owned a pair. Of course, due to a few things such as college (freshman 15, anyone?) and just life in general, those pants obviously did not last me long. But now, thankfully, after years and years of searching, I finally found the perfect pair. If these pants look familiar, it is because I also own them in hot pink (seen here) and peach (seen here). You KNOW how I feel about these pants. All I can say is, H&M, make them in more colors (please and thank you). I should probably also warn you that I also have them in black...and khaki. Yes, when I said I was going to get them in every color, I was not being facetious. This tunic button up was graciously sent to me from ShopAkira. It is a very welcome addition to my closet, as it fits my style well and I love the colors. ShopAkira has some pretty amazing things on their site right now, so I do suggest taking a gander! The vest is an oldie but a goodie. Leave it to Forever to make some genuinely affordable, but stylish pieces.

Tighten Up - The Black Keys


  1. I adore your boots. Gorgeous.

  2. those pants look so comfy now i want a few pairs!

  3. great post!



  4. love this look. the top is really cute!

  5. i love white pants! so chic. that necklace is super lovely also!


  6. This is a very nice vest, you gained a new follower! Please check me out if you would like :)

  7. Love the outfit! I'm also constantly amazed by how perfectly styled your curls are. What's your secret?! :)


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