Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Bit of Red

IMG_6324.1 IMG_6282.1 IMG_6299.1 IMG_6325.1 IMG_6287.1 Dress via Poshmark, Sweater: Random, Necklace via Mama Bear; Bag & Shoes: Forever 21

You all got a little sneak peek of this outfit with yesterday's post, but I wanted to do it some proper justice. I purchased this beautiful silk dress via Poshmark a little while back (for a whopping $20, holla!) and waited for the perfect occasion to wear it. Once this bad boy was listed on the app, I knew it had to be mine. From the little black buttons and the white tuxedo-shirt detail to the sweetheart line color-contrast, I was sold. I've already started thinking of other ways to wear it and can't wait until summer hits (which is basically in October for us San Franciscans), so I can wear it sans-tights. The necklace, a little treasure from my mom's collection of jewels, is one of the prettiest necklaces I've worn in a long time. Luckily for me, my mama bear doesn't mine sharing her unique jewelry collection with me, so I can wear this one any time I please. Finally, I decided to finish off the outfit with a hint of red in the lips and sweater. 


  1. Love the look! The red lips adds a nice touch

  2. I love the whole look! The pop of red adds a lot to the outfit!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  3. Love this and the red cardi! Is this the infamous rooftop? Let's play soon! <3 xx

  4. Love this outfit and what you did with the mix of colors!

    A red lip adds instant glamour :)

    xo Georgina

  5. Nice :)


  6. your suggestions are great, bold and versatile.

  7. I love your silk dress and for $20-WOW! :) Your blog is awesome-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    Elle xoxo


  8. Great look and I love the necklace.


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