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pancakeREVIEW: Dirty Girl Gardening


If there's one thing you all know about me by know, it's that I'm very careful when it comes to trying out beauty products. I have somewhat sensitive skin, so my daily beauty routine is very simple. So simple, that all I really do is wash my face in the morning, apply a facial moisturizer and eye cream before doing my make up, and then I remove my makeup and give my face a final wash before bed time. That's it. I don't have an outrageous collection of facial creams or cleansers, and for the most part, I really only believe in natural products when it comes to skin care. So, when I'm introduced to natural and organic beauty products, I get really excited to treat my skin to something new. I recently received a cute package from Dirty Girl Gardening, an organic body care line here in the Bay Area. Dirty Girl's creator, Jenn, hand-makes all of the products from her line and keeps ingredients organic and environmentally-friendly.

French Green Clay Mud Mask
mudmask PhotobucketYou will probably shake your head in disbelief after you read this, but this is the first face mask I've ever tried! Dirty Girl's Green Mud Face Mask was incredibly easy to use, so it was a great first one to try out. All I had to do was mix 1 tbsp of clay with 2-3 tbsp of warm water and voila! Instant facial. Once it was applied, I let it sit and harden. As soon as my mask started to harden, I was excited to wash it off to see what kind of results I would get. After letting it sit for a few more minutes, I washed with warm water and my skin instantly felt smoother and cleaner. Even now, hours after I wore the mask, my face is still as smooth as a baby's bottom. It's definitely a product gentle enough to use on your skin once a day and will make your skin feel nourished and clean. It's something I plan to add to my beauty routine, if not everyday, then at least once or twice a week, just to treat my face to something extra special.


Eros Sugar Scrub sugarscrub

Now, sugar scrubs are something I am definitely familiar with. One thing I love about a good sugar scrub is how incredibly soft your skin feels once you've exfoliated and rinsed. Dirty Girl's sugar scrub does just that, but also smells amazing. I received the Eros scented scrub, which has a hint of vanilla with a little bit of a kick. Jenn also offers other scents such as Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Evening Aphrodisiac, which is a mix of Jasmine & Neroli, and more! If I had to pick which scent I would choose next, I would probably choose between Lavender or Jasmine, as I imagine they'd make my shower experience even more soothing and relaxing. I definitely recommend trying the scrub for your legs, to give them an extra smooth feeling.


All in all, I loved trying out Jenn's products because they were gentle, soothing, and made my skin feel cleaner and softer. If you are looking for a quality skin care product at an affordable price, whether it's for you or someone special, check out Dirty Girl Gardening and you won't be disappointed! Special thanks to Jenn for allowing me to try her products!

Disclosure: Please note that although I received the Dirty Girl Gardening products for free, all the thoughts expressed above are my own honest opinions.


  1. I love treating my face to good mud masks- and this looks amazing! Love your cute face, how is it your look good even in a mud mask????! ;)

    x carlina

  2. i'm such a sucker for masks! have you tried the fresh face masks from lush? amazing! xx

  3. Awesome review! Always looking for new beauty products to try, esp. masks! I'm obsessed with doing those since I can't afford to regularly get facials. And the sugary scrub sounds amazing. Need it to gear up for the summer!

    Hope you have a fab weekend!

    xx, becs

  4. now I want to try these products. dont worry darling your not the only one, I havent tried a mask either and I always wanted to try a good one, and now I think I may try this one. Thanks babe!



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