Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This Old Routine Will Drive You Mad It's Just a Mumble Never Spoken Out Loud

IMG_6101.1 IMG_6067.1 IMG_6108.1 IMG_6105.1 IMG_6110.1 Jeans: Guess (Similar); Boyfriend Blazer: Nordstrom (Similar); Heels and Button Up: Forever 21; Necklace and Bag: H&M

I've been looking for the perfect work tote for a while now and thanks to H&M, I've found it. Scored this baby for $20! How's that for ballin' on a budget? It's a classic piece that I think will last me a long time and I just love how roomy it is! I've also been on the lookout for as many affordable button up's as I can get my hands out, and while I'd prefer to get some print in there, a little pop of color isn't so bad either. I almost walked out of Forever without this, but after a few walks around the store, I decided that it'd be a good one to have. The blazer you've seen before, but I can't get enough of it. The mister teases that I look like I'm a doctor in it, and while I sort of agree, that isn't going to stop me from wearing it. My wardrobe has changed just a bit since I've started work, and now I'm on the prowl for practical and classic pieces...but don't mistake that for boring!

First Aid Kit - This Old Routine 


  1. You are def. ballin on a budget with that great H&M find! Haha. I like your blazer too - you don't look like a dr. in it! Very chic, lady!

    xx, becs

  2. love this outfit!!
    xoxo Sienna

  3. I usually am all about button ups and blazers when I'm at a new job, so I totally understand the need for them- they are just too polished, yet chic! Good find at H&m, I can't leave that place without buying something...yikes!

    x carlina

  4. I remember when I got my first job a couple months ago and I started going through a phrase where all I bought were blazers and button-down shirts, and THIS OUTFIT was exactly what would be my "uniform" haha. Also can't believe you found that bag for $20! I haven't gone there in awhile, H&M bound riiight now!

  5. i love it! and your hair is looking great too :)

  6. Yeah I don't think you look boring at all. Love the blazer.


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