Friday, August 3, 2012

Food Friday: Chile Pies

Chile Pies 314 Church Street San Francisco, CA. 94114


During the spring semester of senior year of high school (way back when), we celebrated "Pie Fridays" every single Friday in my AP English class -- yes, we took senioritis to the next level. It was then, when I truly appreciate a good piece of pie. Fast forward many years later and I'm still quite fond of the pie family. One thing I have never really experienced, however, was a good pot pie -- that is, until now.


One Tuesday evening after going out for a post-work cocktail, my friend suggested we fill up on pot pies from Chile Pies, located in the Castro. Not one to turn down a new place to eat, I agreed and that was start of my love affair with Chile Pies' savory pot pies. I tried the Red Chile Carne Asada savory pie and boy did it rock my tastebuds! Chile Pies' crusts are delicious and made with a perfectly warm and flaky pastry. My pie had a good amount of carne asada meat chunks, so it was easy to feel content after devouring the whole pie (despite the small size).  It helped too that my pie came with a small side salad (but I must warn you that if you order to go, you'll only get the pie). I've been back multiple times since our first encounter, but have yet to try a sweet pie! Next time, I'm going for the sweet stuff -- I'll be sure to report my findings. (P.S. - Who noticed their clever street number?)


  1. This looks so amazingly yummy!! I am drooling!

  2. Wow! Your pictures are amazing, I almost feel like I've been there! Definitely adding it to my list of places to go.

    PS. I did notice the street number! Too cute!


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