Friday, May 31, 2013

It's All In The Details

 photo IMG_4099_zps2594d45d.jpg
L.C.t Shredded Cross Tank in Red c/o Lucca Couture; Boyfriend Jeans c/o Macy's; Espadrilles c/o Soludos; Forever 21 Black Bralette; Custom "STACKER" Affirmation bracelet c/o BCBGeneration

It's the last day in May - can you believe that? I had every intention of saving this post for Monday, until I realized that it would be June! In any case, this is my last look as Lucca Couture's Blogger of Month! (Quite different from my last look, no?) More and more these days, you can find me in a comfy pair of flats (Soludos are my latest obsession), a baggy tee, and a good pair of jeans. While that all may sound simple, I find that the details more than make an outfit. I love the shredded cross design on this tank - perfect for a concert or a warm sunny day. What I love even more is how easy it is to just put it on and go! I paired it with my distressed boyfriend jeans - aka one of my comfiest pairs of pants ever. I know the guys don't too much fancy gals in boyfriend jeans, but luckily for me, I dress for myself.

So now that you've seen all my Lucca looks, which one is your favorite? Comment below and let me know! And don't forget, you can still grab 10% off your order when you enter "PANCAKESTACKER" at checkout!

 photo IMG_4132_zpsb3d567d8.jpg
 photo IMG_4113_zpsb9b70558.jpg

Special thanks to Lucca Couture for giving me the opportunity to style and share my looks - I had such a blast and hope that you all enjoyed the series! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alphabet Soup

pancakestacker_lucca couture
High Waist Circle Skirt c/o Lucca Couture; Jasper Alphabet Cropped Jacket c/o BCBGeneration; Top: Nordstrom; Shoes: Zara

Photos by: Ryan Chua

Nothing makes me channel my inner girly-girl more than a perfect skirt (or dress). I miss the days when I lived in SoCal and could almost always step out in one of the two. In fact, once I moved back to San Francisco (like three years ago, ha), I had a major problem, because I owned almost no pairs of pants. I'm pretty sure if you click through my archives I've said this exact thing 100 times before. If we're going to get really honest here, it took me basically until last year to embrace pants. 

Though, embrace is probably too strong of a word because sometimes, the sun will come out and all feelings of acceptance for pants goes away. For days like those, I wear skirts like this. Can we talk about how absolutely perfect this High Waist Circle Skirt by Lucca Couture is? I mean on ever single level. From the cut to the color to the shape and the detail - we're talking love, people. L-O-V-E, love. But of course, sometimes the city sun likes to fool you, so smart San Franciscans know to never leave home without a jacket. No matter how sunny it is, you don't let that magical weather cloud your judgement. And what better than a perfect light jacket to pair with the perfect skirt. This BCBGeneration cropped jacket went unexpectedly well with my skirt and once the two came together I knew they were meant to be. Finished off the look with my stylish but comfy Zara heels (which I also have in black, because why not?) and I was ready to conquer the day. 

pancakestacker_lucca couture
pancakestacker_lucca couture
pancakestacker_lucca couture
pancakestacker_lucca couture
pancakestacker_lucca couturepancakestacker_lucca couture

Love this skirt as much as I do? Then you're in luck! You can get 10% off you're Lucca Couture order from now until June when you enter in the code: PANCAKESTACKER at checkout! Stay tuned for my last Lucca Couture outfit! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BottleRock Napa Valley | Day Two

 photo IMG_0908_zpsa7423756.jpg
Tank c/o BCBGeneration; L.C.t Lace Bralette in Neon Yellow c/o Lucca Couture; Forever 21 Denim Shorts & Headwrap; Espadrilles c/o Soludos; Sunnies c/o SEE; Levi's Vest via Crossroads

90 degree weather, adult Capri Sun, and soothing songs under a beautiful setting sun - this was day two at BottleRock. From the indie beats of SoCal duo Best Coast to the hippie, good vibes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, nothing could beat the relaxing atmosphere of Napa Valley. I spent most of the day sprawled out on the grass, sipping wine and eating fruit, with my eyes closed as I listened to amazing talent performing only a few feet away. If you asked me today to pick a favorite act from the weekend, I wouldn't be able to answer. It's hard to pick just one, since everyone I saw on both day one and two came out on stage with such pure, raw talent and enthusiasm. However, what I can say is that I've never seen a crowd come together quite as much as the one for Edward Sharpe. It was such a treat to see them perform live! After going to Coachella and then BottleRock, it feels a little strange to wait so long for my next concert. Alas, August can't come soon enough - Outsidelands, I'm ready for ya.  

 photo IMG_0872_zps1590bb39.jpg
 photo IMG_0909_zps54f4881c.jpg
 photo IMG_0847_zps1c674127.jpg
 photo IMG_0861_zps1d373ce3.jpg
 photo IMG_0840_zpse0582e8b.jpg
 photo IMG_0905_zps4f9f2086.jpg
 photo IMG_0910_zpsa2336e96.jpg
 photo IMG_0920_zpsbbc0d885.jpg
 photo IMG_0836_zpsfb1656e1.jpg
 photo IMG_0885_zpscc9bb14f.jpg

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Times Two

pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture

Printed Chambray Dolphin Shorts in Navy Dots c/o Lucca Couture; Gap button up; H&M necklace; Ring c/o Charlotte Russe; Espadrilles c/o Soludos; Watch c/o Sperry Top-Sider

Photos by: Ryan Chua 

Didn't I tell you I had a thing for blue? You might remember this shirt from way back when (when I FIRST starting blogging) I call it my lucky button up, because it's brought me great things. I had to dig it out of my closet right when these shorts arrived because I knew nothing would complement them better. These chambray dolphin shorts from Lucca Couture make the perfect warm weather companion - they're light and airy, but still stylish and comfortable. What could be better? Paired the look with my new blue seersucker Sperry watch and my Soludos for the quintessential summertime look.
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BottleRock Napa Valley | Day One

 photo IMG_0942_zps483e0c21.jpg
Target Tank; Forever 21 Black Lace Bralette; Boyfriend Jeans c/o Macy's; Sunnies c/o SEE; H&M Sneakers

Some might say that I have an addiction to music festivals and concerts. Some might be right. There's something so great about dancing under the sun with tens of thousands of people and just coming together for the love of music. Not sure if that classifies me as a little bit hippie, but if that means feeling free and relaxed, then I'll take it. I went to the first ever BottleRock music festival at Napa last weekend with Kathleen and boy was it enjoyable. Definitely doesn't compare to Coachella, but it was nice only being a few hours away from home. Here's a little snippet of photos from the first day of the music festival. Day two's outfit and snaps will be up shortly, so come back soon! xx

 photo IMG_0837_zpse8d866e3.jpg
 photo IMG_0735_zps9ae6b510.jpg
 photo IMG_0736_zps89ca6edb.jpg
 photo IMG_0834_zpse4fa36b7.jpg
 photo IMG_0746_zps22850e46.jpg
 photo IMG_0835_zps0185d6a6.jpg

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

EVENT: Timex | 7x7 Magazine | Macy's

Bay Area, where will you be this Thursday? I'll be at Macy's for a fun Timex event! Stop by from 6-8 PM and enter for a chance to win a $200 Timex Style Shopping Spree at Macy's! 

And if you can't attend, don't worry, I gotchu. Perhaps a little giveaway is in the works? Keep your eyes peeled for something coming soon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lemon Lime

pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
L.C.t Punk Cross Back Tank & Lace Bralette in Neon Yellow c/o Lucca Couture; Striped Jackson Short & FREE Affirmation Bracelet c/o BCBGeneration; Nine West Flats

Photos by: Kelly 

I typically gravitate towards neutrals (ok..really just black and white and blue, ha!), but sometimes, the perfect pop of color is the most unexpected one. So, when this neon yellow lace bralette came in the mail, I was basically through the roof. Not only was it something I didn't already have (and truly needed), but it was a piece that helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I paired it under a white racerback tank (also from Lucca Couture's new summer line, L.C.t) and a pair of striped shorts from BCBGeneration. I looked around and realized that I had this neon yellow "FREE" affirmation bracelet and thought, "Man, it's almost unbelievable how easily this outfit came together!" But sometimes, that's how it is. The perfect little piece inspires a whole outfit in the matter of minutes.

pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture
pancakestacker blog_Lucca Couture

Don't forget! You can get 10% off you're Lucca Couture order from now until June when you enter in the code: PANCAKESTACKER at checkout! Happy Shopping, loves! And, of course, stay tuned for my next Lucca Couture outfit! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party

 photo IMG_0124.jpg
Romper c/o Macy's; Espadrilles c/o Soludos; Sunnies c/o SEE Eyewear; Denim Vest: Levi's via Crossroads Trading Co.

Before I completely jump into May, let me take a moment to relive one of the best parts of April - the Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party. I realized that I let this post sit in my queue and forgot to press publish (oopsies, y'all - my b!). I spent 3 of my three days of my Indio trip lounging by the pool, sprawling out in a cabana, and filling up on popsicles, tacos, ice cream sandwiches, (and honestly, whatever else was being served because it was all so damn good). Relaxing? Hell yes. So I have to say it - take me back to the desert sun, please?

 photo IMG_0132.jpg  photo IMG_0180.jpg
 photo IMG_0125.jpg
 photo IMG_0138.jpg
 photo IMG_0143.jpg
 photo IMG_0123.jpg
 photo IMG_0167.jpg
 photo IMG_0179.jpg
 photo IMG_0127.jpg
 photo IMG_0224.jpg
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