Friday, June 10, 2016

Food Friday: Farallon

Farallon 450 Post Street 

Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid. I owned Ariel stuff up the wazoo, you guys. My Little Mermaid fandom (obsession?) went hand in hand with my love for seafood. Crab? Yeah, I like that. Shrimp? The more the merrier! Fish? I'll take a school of 'em. No sea creature was safe (except for eel, still really not into that...). Shellfish was my jam, and I admittedly, I really liked going to that one lobster chain you might have heard about. Fast forward about 20 years and while the obsession with Ariel has died down, the love of seafood has steadily persevered. In fact, friends are often really impressed (disgusted?) with how much sushi I consume. (I became somewhat concerned with my consumption rate and preemptively read up on the warning signs of mercury poisoning - JUST IN CASE.) Anyways, moral of the story? This Stacker loves her seafood. Cue Farallon - a San Francisco classic filled to the brim with tasty creatures from the sea. (Also, I know that's a photo of meat up there, but like surf and turf, right?)

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