Monday, January 18, 2021

"Do You Know What Today is?"

When I was a tiny tot, I looooved to read and one of the very first books my parents gave me was a beautiful, colorfully-illustrated kid-friendly version of the autobiography of Dr. King. There were even days where dad would play vinyls of Dr. King’s speeches and I’d listen as he talked to me about his own personal experiences.

Every single year, whether he got it off or not, dad would always take today as a personal holiday. And he *always* celebrated it. And every single year, on this day, even though he knew I knew, he’d always call or text & say, “you know what today is, right?”

From a young age, my parents found it important that we talk about race because it was simply something that I couldn’t ignore. It was important to my dad that I knew where I came from & remember that I did not get to where I am now on my own.

Today is an important day of celebration & remembrance in my household and I hope that it’s not just another day off for you. Honor, reflect, and find ways that you can make yourself of service today & every day.
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