Monday, July 28, 2014

Barneys New York SF x Givenchy Beauty Event

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Barney's NY x Givenchy
All photos by: Melissa de Mata

I recently hosted an event at Barneys New York SF in partnership with Givenchy. It was an evening filled with makeovers and some of my closest blogging buddies. I tried out a darker nude lip, something I wouldn't normally put on myself, but loved that I was able to experiment with colors outside my comfort zone. It was even more fun to watch each gal transform and take on a new look -each look was different from the one before.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

look up challenge

When it's time for me to unwind, and more importantly, unplug, I like to do things for me - read a book, take a yoga class, buy some fresh flowers, get a mani, or just go outside and enjoy the day. It's tough to unplug, especially when you work full time in social media and then run a blog, but it's also really refreshing and freeing. So when smartwater asked me to take part of its "look up" challenge, I couldn't be more on board. Whether it's for a whole weekend, or even just ten minutes long, smartwater is asking us to take a break from tech, head outside, and look up at the world around us.


Monday, July 21, 2014

White Hot

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Twice

When I first put on this dress, I felt like a cross between a Grecian goddess (hey, this is my fantasy world, okay?) and Daenerys Targaryn, The Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones. Don't ask why; it's just how I felt. But after adding a splash of leopard, a dash of denim, and a bold black hat, I felt more like me - Chandamheer Stacker. A great maxi is versatile and can take you to different world with just the right accessory. So, should I want to channel my inner Dragon Queen in the future, I've got the perfect maxi dress to do so in, all thanks to Twice.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beauty Bites: Tried & True (Love)


Oh hey, oh hey! It's time for another round of Beauty Bites. It's been a while since my last Beauty Bites post (this I know), but I finally had a chance to sit down and get thoughtful. This week, I thought I'd share a couple things that I'm either still trying out, or have tried and loved. I'm actually really excited to do this post and plan to do at least one of these types a month. Hopefully you guys will love this post, too! So let's get to it, shall we?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes Way, Crochet

pancakeSTACKER Blog x LeTote Crochet Top x Zara White Crochet Skirt x Dolce Vita Leopard Sandals

Black and white and crochet times two. Sometimes the best summer staples are the simplest ones. I've been pretty obsessed with my LeTote subscription - this is only my second tote, but the goodies in them are always right on point. This black crochet top is no exception. It was the perfect compliment to my new white crochet skirt that I picked up from Zara. Wore this number to that delicious, delicious taco dinner with Melissa! 


Friday, July 11, 2014

Food Friday: Padrecito

Padrecito 901 Cole Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Ah, yes - a new Food Friday post to feast your eyes on! A couple weekends ago, I dined at Cole Valley's Padrecito with my fave photog friend, Melissa. We caught up over delicious drinks, lots and lots of guacamole, and the tastiest tacos in town. Let me start off by saying Padrecito has been on my list for some time. Back in 2013, I eagerly awaited its opening. Having dined at Mamacita many a time, I couldn't wait for this gem to often. So, it's embarrassing that I never found the time to visit the restaurant once it finally did open. Still, as the saying goes, better late or never. Was it worth the wait? You betcha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Haircut

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Haircut x Redbook Magazine

Remember a couple months ago when I shot these photos and hinted at something special? It took all my might not to spill the beans, but alas, I finally can. I chopped off my hair not too long ago and while it may have seemed like a routine haircut, there was something brewing beneath the surface. I loved (LOVED) my long locks. I loved them so much that it was only going to take something big to make me cut 'em off. Well, something big happened...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

pancakeLEFTOVERS: June

You guys. It's July. We're halfway done with the year, which is bonkers, right? June was a splendid month - slower than May, which was quite alright with me, but still busy enough to keep me going. I had a handful of fun projects I got to work on, had more "me" time (which is always welcomed with open arms), and got to catch up with some great people. Looking to July, I'm excited to keep going; I have another handful of projects and am really excited for more good things to come. But, before we get ahead of ourselves and start chatting about this brand new month, let's slow it down and take a look at some of the sticky sweet moments that made June great. Without further ado, here's another helping of pancakeLEFTOVERS: June-style.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sticky Sweet Summer Staples with Twice Clothes

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Twice

The Fourth may be over, but I'm still feeling festive! I decided to rock out in my red, white, and blue one more time and found the perfect wrap dress to do so in, thanks to Twice. Twice, based here in San Francisco, is a site where you can sell your new or gently-loved clothes, or buy pieces for a fraction of the price. If you know me, you know that I love to shop on a budget, so Twice definitely works in my favor. Another thing I love about Twice is that you're able to get some pretty unique pieces - like this wrap dress! The print and braided belt really drew me in - I love what it does for my waistline, ha.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Yes To Mules

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Aeropostale Jeans x Shoedazzle Mules

I was originally going to get up my June pancakeLEFTOVERS post, but truth be told, the week got away with me, so I'm going to use the long weekend to catch up. So, as a substitute, here are some quick outfit shots featuring my latest obsession: my new mules. I never thought I could pull off wearing the trend. Mules, birks, slipper sandals - they're all on my "TBD" list. But as of this week, I can successfully move over mules to the "yes" list. I ordered these babies for $10 (yes, you read that right) and I imagine I will be wearing them over and over and over again.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unintentional Fourth of July 'Fit

pancakeSTACKER Blog x J.Jill Tunic Top x Urban Outfitters Sandals x Zara Denim Shorts

This past Sunday was so hot, I swear I almost had a heat stroke. Who knew that it could get that warm here during our San Francisco summer? I reached for my lightest layers - this J. Jill tunic that you've seen once before, and my favorite Zara cutoffs. Snapped these quick shots before laying out in Dolores and getting my tan on! Best part was that I pulled together this unintentional Fourth of July look, just in time for the big day. Can't wait for Friday - I'm looking forward to a morning yoga session and then fun and fireworks with friends! Oh, and of course, lots of food and festive fashion. What do you guys have planned for Friday?
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