Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stacker Style: High Waist, Wide Leg

I bought these pants in 3 different colors and I am not even sorry. I've never been one to do the high-rise thing. (You may remember my first pair of high-risers over here.) After trying on a pair and deciding that I could, in fact, pull it off, I decided to keep the streak alive. So I proceeded to buy these. And then I got them in this color and then this color. I now even own a pair of high waist jeans. WHO AM I? I am not sure, but I feel very cool. Maybe it's the residual effect from my haircut, maybe it's these pants. Likely both. Whatever it is, I'm riding the cool girl wave, and there's no end in sight.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Stacker Style: Gym Rat

pancakestacker blog x kara nixon photography

I bought these pants for a whopping $12. $12, Y'ALL. Now that I have become a self-proclaimed gym rat, I'm trying to look fly as hell, but on a budget. Can't be spending $100 on a pair of pants, you know? So when I walked by a sale rack of $12 yoga pants, I had to do a double take. I went inside, asked if the pants were really $12, and then proceeded to try on a few pairs. Walked away with two and now my booty is looking even more banging whilst I Zumba and stretch away. Unfortunately, this was a one-time, in-store only sale, so the pants are no longer available on the low-low. BUT, they are available on the low, so get them here, while you can!

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