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Friday, December 2, 2016

Food Friday: Brunch at Bluestem

Bluestem Brasserie 1 Yerba Buena Lane

You've seen Bluestem on my feed a handful of times. From the cake to most recently, the toast (which, you'll hear more about after a few scrolls down!). So, it's about time I do a proper post on the place. I've been going to Bluestem since way back when (exhibit a). It's located between the Fiancial District and the mall, so has always been a restaurant I suggest when people need somewhere to go before/after shopping, or when they need to host a client dinner. The restaurant itself is large enough to lend itself to many guests, so it's even great for larger get-togethers (they have a private space upstairs!). But, don't let the big space fool ya - it's homey as hell in there and the restaurants' owners are incredibly warm and thoughtful. Hence, Bluestem remains as one of the few restaurants that I regard deeply. The restaurant often switches up the menu, molding its dishes to whatever is in season, and this time around I was able to try their new brunch offerings.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stacker Style: Matchy Matchy

Somehow, just somehow, I convinced Derrick to take "real" outfit photos of me. I've been easing him in with the iPhone #OOTD's, but we made a big step with actual camera photos. The progress has slightly stalled (considering these photos were taken a month ago, lol), but next week we're on our way to Hawaii, so I'm forcing the camera back into his hands. But, in all seriousness, I know you guys have missed the outfit photos, so I'll bring them back as best I can! Starting with this one. We took a trip to wine country (yes, again) and I couldn't resist playing matchy-matchy. Of course, we lucked out with the red leaves, red wine, and red bag, but you know what they say - luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity (and we were prepared).

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