Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Bites: 100% Pure Cosmetics (and Giveaway!)

I'm all about trying out new beauty goodies, and this week, it's 100% Pure. For those who may not be familiar, 100% Pure lives up to the name in every sake - it's 100% green (all the packaging is made from recycled aluminum and paper and all the printing on the packing is even made from non-toxic soy & vegetable ink!), it's 100% cruelty free, and all the products are made from 100% biodegradable formulas. Needless to say, 100% Pure is healthy for us and the earth. Not bad, right? So, it's no surprise that I was pretty excited to try out some products from the line.
Argan Oil Hydration Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics
I like to keep this one in my bag, for all the on-the-go moments. Not only does it heal dry areas, but it has SPF 30, which is so important for my moments in the sun. I have to admit that I sometimes forget to wear sunscreen on my face, so having a product that acts as a safeguard against the sun and a moisturizer is key. The product is a bit on the heavier side, so I apply small amounts and build up.

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics
I am a sucker for eye creams. Right now, I've started using this one, which I was told is 100% Pure's most popular one! I've only been using it for a few days, so I can't yet give you the scoop on my results, but I will say that in the few days I've used it I really do like it. It's creamy and soothing - my under-eye puffiness does appear to lighten up after use, so I'm excited for what my skin will look like after four weeks of use. Fun tip: I like to pop my eye creams and eye patches in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before applying. This is my secret beauty step for days I wake up with crazy bags after a night of no sleep. Try it and thank me later :)
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics

Fruit Pigmented Powder Blush in "Healthy"
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics
I love this soft shade - it's perfect for giving my skin a subtle hint of pink. I try to keep my blush on the softer side (unless I'm trying to make a statement), because I have naturally rosy cheeks, and when I get warm, I get tomato face. Not cute. So, just as personal rule, I keep my cheeks soft and define my cheekbones with a warm bronzer. This shade is called "Healthy" and it's a coral bronze color, which is exactly what I need. What's super cool about this blush is it's colored with fruit and vegetable pigments - how rad is that?
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics

Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in "Raspberry"
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Beauty x 100% Pure Cosmetics
Okay, by now you know that I love lip tints. I wear lip glosses more than I wear lipstick (just preference), and I find that glazes are the perfect in-between. This one is my new favorite. It glides on smoothly, and moisturizes like crazy. The glaze is fruit-pigmented and made with a base of avocado and cocoa butter. So, not only am I nourishing my lips, but I'm also treating them with vitamins and antioxidants (hello, softer lips!).

Thanks to 100% Pure for sending me these goodies to try out! But what's the fun if the homies can't have some, right? 

To enter, just enter officially via Rafflecopter and comment below to let me know what you want to try from the 100% Pure line (check out all their goodies, here!). One lucky winner will get some goodies from the 100% Pure team! Giveaway runs until Friday, September 5th. Winner will be contacted shortly after!

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