Friday, August 12, 2016

Stacker Style: Outside Lands 2016 - Day 1

There's no place that makes me happier than a festival - the music, the food, the good vibes - it's all bliss. Outside Lands is my second festival of 2016 (Coachella being my first of the year), and I still have two more to go (Austin City Limits at the end of next month and Treasure Island in October)! In fact, I think this year marks my sixth year in a row of OSL-ing (check out some of my past OSL years, here). So, yeah, I guess you can say I know a thing or two about that festival life. One of the best things about festivals is the creativity associated with what to wear - I, myself, am much more partial to the warmer festivals, because it seems sort of wrong having to lug around a parka, scarf, beanie, and more, right? Well, OSL is one of the festivals where the cold is just a given (thanks, Karl). Luckily for me, this year Tobi had my back.  

Photos by: Adam Dillon 

I watched the weather drop all week ... 60, 59, 55, 50 degrees. So, even though my optimism failed me, my realism did not. I knew I had to layer. But, layering is in, right? I packed a beanie, scarf, wore a turtleneck sweater (yes, a turtleneck sweater), wool socks, and tights. And what's missing from these photos is the gnarly oversized hooded jacket I wore, but took off, simply for these shots, ha. No, but really, just because I had to layer like winter was here, didn't mean I couldn't layer fiercely. As soon as I saw this denim dress from Tobi, I knew the layering job would come together on its own - and it did. My favorite part was the back lace-up detail and front pockets. Any dress with pockets is an automatic win. Despite my mountain of clothing, I was still able to dance around and feel good.

I'm stoked to share my day two and three outfits with you. If you follow me on Insta - you've already gotten a sneak peek :) P.S. if you're in the mood for more dresses (or denim dresses like the one I wore!) don't forget to check out Tobi - first time shoppers get 50% off!

Special thanks to Tobi for sponsoring this post and partnering with me for festival season. And, special thanks to all of you who continue to support my endless festival frolics. 
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