Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changing Fashion: The Internet & Blogging Panel with Late Afternoon, On The Racks, and The Face Hunter

Liz of Late Afternoon, Laura of Shop It To Me and On The Racks, Yvan of the Face Hunter (photo from here)
So, as I mentioned in my last couple of posts, I had the pleasure of attending a fashion and blogging forum that was put on by UC Berkeley's BARE Magazine and Fashion and Student Trends club last week. I was surrounded by fellow Bay Area bloggers and budding fashionistas, as we all listened to Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon, Yvan Rodic of the Face Hunter, and Laura Ellner from Shop It To Me and On The Racks answer questions and speak about their online journeys. Some of the topics covered included: the future of blogging, the role of the blogger, and the how the internet has changed in general. Since many of you mentioned how much you wish you could have attended this enlightening event, I thought I would try to do my best to make you feel like you did. After a few photos, read the top ten things I took away from last Wednesday's event.

Liz chats with John Kim, Bare Magazine's Editor-in-Chief
Yvan signs his book for an attendee
Liz shines in her shimmery gold skirt, colorful H&M scarf, and sky-high JC Lita's
So You Want to be a Blogger? Ten Things You Need to Know, Now.

  • I am sure you will relate to many of the attendees who wondered this. Liz says there is no key recipe on how to make it big in blogging. In fact, she thinks a LOT of it is luck -- just like with acting, or singing. You might have a lot of talent, but you also might never get "discovered." 
    • I really do agree with this one. You can't just blog because you want to be the next Fashion Toast,  Cupcakes and Cashmere, or Song of Style. Blog because you love it, and believe me, it will show. I pour out a lot of love into my posts not because I want to big the next big blogger, although believe me, I wouldn't mind that at all being a poor post-grad girl such as myself. I do it because I care. I care about my readers, I care about how my posts reflect me and how I am presenting myself, and mostly, I care about the topics I write about (I'm sure you could taste my passion for food and my love of fashion with all the photos I bombard you with, ha!).
  • Build relationships with other bloggers. 
    • Not just any ole relationship, but loyal ones, people! Don't just comment on someone's blog and say "cute dress!" (I for one really, really, try not to do this unless from the bottom of my heart, I really think that it's a cute dress...). Engage and write meaningful comments showing that you've READ their post, but only if you mean it.
  • Liz advices that when you are leaving comments, do not leave your blog url at the end because "no one ever clicks on it." 
    • This, I have to say, I don't actually agree with, and not because I desperately want others to click on my blog link, but because I think it helps to have a signature. Would you ever send an email and not sign it at the end? But hey, this is just personal opinion.
  •  Although he acknowledges that this is already obvious, Yvan advices others to join social networks if you haven't already. Five years ago when he started his blog, he got big by promoting himself on Myspace and Facebook.
  • Laura says you have to stay credible. Align your blog with sponsors, posts, etc. that belong on your blog based on what you have presented. 
  • Liz says it may be tempting when sponsors invite you to fly out and sample their products in exchange for a post, but if it doesn't fit your audience or your blog, why would you feature it? She says, "I wouldn't promote a sponsor for Wrinkle Cream when my demographic is 18-25 year olds. It just wouldn't make sense."
  • Simply stated: No. While at a Chictopia conference, Liz remembers that one of her take away points came from Women's Wear Daily, when they said, "Celebrities will always have more influence than your biggest blogger." This was an interesting point, but I do think as social media and the internet begin to grow even further, bloggers are going to be even more influential than they already are. 
  • Respond to your readers if they they ask you questions. Market yourself just like any other brand out there and stay professional.
  • The Showmanship. This gal is half Filipino (like me!) and gorgeous! I can see why Yvan loves her site! She has a very particular vibe and is amazingly stylish. 
  • You have to keep some mystery for your readers. "Give them something to aspire to," Liz advises. 
  • This is just a random fun fact, but Yvan seriously doesn't know who Snooki is. Now what does this say about the 75% of us who DO? 
10. This one is from me: NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.
  • I loved mingling and meeting people at the event. And, although I was way too shy to say hi to the famous bloggers that night, I'm now kicking myself for not doing so! Don't miss opportunities to make new connections, guys! 
  • Say hello, give out your business card, and don't be afraid to branch out.
  • Sometimes there is no second chance, and you never know who you will meet if you just say hi!
And there you have it. What do you guys think? Do you agree with what Laura, Liz, and Yvan had to say? Which point was the most helpful? And, how will YOU change the way you blog, now that you've read this?

Psst: Don't forget to be on the lookout for my future post on some of the stylish audience members I spotted!


    1. what an amazing opportunity! you already now how jealous we all are :) liz looks amazing, can't wait to see more pictures!

      EXCELLENT notes, by the way, very helpful for a new blogger like myself!


    2. This is great advice, I think you worded their tips really well. I've never come across a guide to blogging as helpful as this one! :]

    3. Interesting! It was definitely fun to read all those things! I have to agree with you on the fact about leaving your link at the end of a comment. Sure, if your comment is just about promoting your own blog (meaning you leave 4 different links or something) then no one will click on it. But if you just leave a nice comment about the blog you're visiting, I don't see any harm in it. BTW a lot of people do click on those links, it's a great way to discover new blogs :)

    4. I'm not a fashion blogger but have been travel blogging for the past 15 months out of pure love and passion for seeing the world. recently i've thought about branching out... and have started to redesign my logo and site... but you always wonder just "how" to stand out from the thousands of bloggers in this world. thanks for sharing, i really enjoyed your post.

      p.s. i'm filipina too. originally from sac but now life & love has brought me to amsterdam, holland :)

      - J.

    5. I love this entry of yours! I just found your blog today and it's def. a must-follow! :P keep it up!

    6. this sounds like such a cool event - i would love to go to something like this!

      i really enjoyed reading what you came away with - thanks for sharing all the information for those of us who weren't there.


      [crap i wasn't supposed to leave my website url lol]

    7. This is a fab a newbie blogger, these tips are indispensable. Thanks for sharing!

      Also, can we talk about Liz's outfit?? I LOVE IT!!! The booties, sequin skirt, slouchy sweater, scarf...all amazing.


    8. I thought Liz's advice was seriously spot-on. She seemed very honest, experienced, and relate-able. Was it just me, but did Yvan's expressions and answers not crack you up too? I was in the back of the room just giggling whenever he spoke.

      xo Sherrie

    9. thank you so much for sharing all this - it sounds very interesting! i think it is very important that you be yourself! even though it's not important if you get famous or not, i think we still should have dreams - and go for them!

      unfortunately I can't make it today, because i always have classes until 6pm - taking classes at CSUEB..but let me know if you have time after the thanks giving..??

      should i now leave my url??? guess i leave it for today ;)

    10. I think this was a really good post. And I agreed with a lot of it. I personally don't mind the link at the end of a post. I've heard some bloggers (@ IFB conference) say that they never click on them or its annoying. Whatever. Its how I found your awesome blog recently. I so agree with networking with other blogs too...networking all the time. :-)

    11. Great advice, will certainly be useful! PancakeSTACKER, I have a question - I can not leave comments when you are embedded beneath the post, if a separate window pops up, or the party that is ok, but most bloggers have comments beneath the post and do not know how to change it to work . Changing the browser's dała.Może You know the solution? I'll be very grateful!

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    13. This is a very inspiring post. I do agree that networking is really essential after Great contents in making it big in the blogsphere. It actually goes hand in hand with SEO :)

      Glad to know your half filipino ;)

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    14. wish I could've attended this event!! Seems like a great opportunity to meet other bloggers.

      thanku so much for commenting on my blog - means a lot! :)

      keep in touch.xx

    15. wow that was a great interview. I'm really glad you posted this. It was good to read what Liz had to say since I follow her also. Can't wait to see the next post!

    16. Great, inspiring post. And I love your bag!
      xoxo from Hannie

    17. I love this post! I like many others were unable to attend this inspiring event so thank you for sharing your top ten tidbits!

      I think my favorite piece of advise is build loyal relationships, and network. I have several loyal commenter/friends who always stop by and make their presence known. It means a lot that are continuously interested! Sometimes that connection is all your have in the gigantic world of fashion blogging.
      xo Carlina

    18. congratulations for attending! that's a really big opportunity. I think it's true don't put your link at the end because no one will click it. that had me dying!

    19. Yay, for Filipino Bloggers! That's why your so beautiful!

      Love this post and I think I will be book marking it for future reference.


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      20 YORK STREET

    20. p.s. The link to Yvan's fave blog doesn't seem to work hun.. Can you please send me the web address?


      Come say Bonjour at:

      20 YORK STREET

    21. Now this is one interesting post. I didn´t know Yvan from Face Hunter yet (shame on me?). But I definitely just learned something for my future blogging.
      Oh yeah and the Showmanship link really doesn´t work :-/

      Times Like Mine

      PS: I´m one of those who deffo click on the blog url, I´ve done it many times!!!

    22. i agree about not blogging to be famous. do it because you love it. its annoying when people whine about "when will i make it"

    23. Lucky girl, this is awesome! Good for you!

      Enter My First Giveaway!

    24. hey :D
      adore your blog


    25. very cool event and great advice! I say that those girls def. know what they are talking about! :)

    26. wow! this helps a lot, i mean of course these are all common sense things people must know but it's always a good thing to hear it reiterated over and over again to remind us to not get discouraged doing the things we love :)
      lovely post, girl. (and i really do mean it haha)


    27. Great points, thanks for sharing. Also, just as an aside, I'm really loving Liz's glittery skirt here (and Litas, of course).

      P.S. I'm hosting a Marc Jacobs giveaway, you can enter it here if you'd like :)

    28. this is sooo coool, i would have loved to have attended.

      I'll be following you now and i'd like for you to please take a look at my blog in return.

    29. Love this interview! Go Bears


    30. love this post, it's been really useful. Sometimes i don't think people realise how many blog there are out there in the world... with thousand and thousands more created each day, also I don't think people realise how hard blogging is, and keeping up a blog for that matter!

      check out the competition on my blog to win an LBD!

    31. I have to stay...this was extremely helpful. Being new to the blogging world, sometimes I feel as though I don't know what to do, but then I realize that as long as I'm myself it can't go wrong. I have to agree with Becca that it's hard to break into blogging because there are just SO many blogs out there. I loved the point about being a loyal friend...we girls have to support each other!

      p.s. I'm definitely following! I hope you will do the same.

      xx - L

    32. LUCKY YOUUU!! wow this ones a great oppurtunity huh! ;p so cool! and oohh i really agree with the 10 things!

      ps: i didnt know you're half filipino! <3

      Taradiddles of a style on a budget

    33. LUCKY YOUUU!! wow this ones a great oppurtunity huh! ;p so cool! and oohh i really agree with the 10 things!

      ps: i didnt know you're half filipino! <3

      Taradiddles of a style on a budget

    34. i am so mad i opted to go to school instead of attending this event. this would have been a great opportunity for me to network.

      but since i couldn't be there, this post was honestly the next best thing. soooo informative. thanks for sharing.

      i love this "YOUR BLOG IS YOUR BRAND" i was actually just told this at a social media campus at school. it's so true.

    35. really love your blog and this post is so helpful!!! I am just starting out as a blogger, and it was good to know these tipse :)
      Its cool you live in the Bay area! My family is from there, and the West coast has great, funky style!

    36. wow.
      Thank you for posting! I really enjoyed reading through some of your blog posts and especially this one. Some of those tips I had never thought of before! Thank you! And by the way, you style (like the gorgeous berry dress in the previous post) is so enjoyably fresh and adorable! Love it! Email me sometime we should talk, I think I might like food just as much as you do!

      Raeshelle of Hello, Bombshell

    37. Thanks so much for posting about this event and all these helpful hints, I would have loved to have attended.
      I personally think bloggers are having more and more influence in the world as social media and networking becomes more and more important bloggers become celebrities in themselves (well the likes of fashiontoast and hanelli!)
      As always, great blogging girl.
      xxx Robbie

    38. looks like you had a great experience!

      i really would love to meet up with some other bloggers... i don't have anyone in my life that also blogs cept all the friends i've made online :)

      i think the most important thing is to have fun.... or at least that is the approach i take... i has been such a part of my journey so far :)


      ps i'm half filipino too!!!!

    39. I, too, do not agree with not leaving your url at the bottom. I see Liz's point, but at the same time, I think you're right about a signature. I use the url at the bottom of my emails, so why not a comment?

      Anyhoo, what a great opportunity to mingle with your fellow bloggers. I really need to get on that.

      Love the new necklace, btw!


    40. What an informative post. All tips we can use and write by! I just followed you on Bloglovin'. Hope to catch up with you soon!

    41. This is some great material, I want to go to a conference like that. You can get similar info like this from IFB, but it's great to get out there and network. I'm going to make some business cards! Thanks for the post!


    42. So many great tips! I have to say, that even the biggest fashion blogger ISN'T a household name... and while social media is changing that, the people on social media are often the same ones who already read blogs.... it's staggering when I find out how many people don't read blogs and such!

    43. Thanks so much for sharing! Agree with mostly everything they said, esp. about the commenting part and engaging with readers. Ha to Snooki, who!! I'm from NJ so Jersey Shore is one of my guilty pleasures. :)

      Recently discovered Fancy Treehouse and that girl has amazing style.

      xx, becs

    44. This is a great post - informative and worth reading.

      Also, I do think bloggers are trendsetters....maybe not as much as celebrities, but I DO think fashion magazines take inspiration from bloggers....and why not?

      Bloggers can create and post daily, images can go viral within seconds, and trend cycles can repeat way faster than a magazine publishing once a month.

      I love fashion magazines, and really, nothing can ever compare to an amazing printed image. But at the end of the day, most people are far more affected by what they see online than in magazines, simply due to sheer volume and accessibility.

      I think bloggers are trendsetters!

    45. thanks for the summary...very interesting...I agree with you on leaving your url...I have found some great blogs that way..


    46. Congrats on this post. GREAT piece. The blogging thing is near and dear to me and you've summed up some things I totally agree with: luck, talent and branding and astute self-promotion can go along way..but no guarantees for fortune and fame. And for the record I do like to see a bloggers url at the end of a comment. Just so I know, they blog, and if I liked what they said, I might check it out.

      -Bella Q

    47. Great post, thanks for sharing and some really interesting points. Especially about not writing a blog to be famous. Not all success is measured by how famous you are. Making a full time living from blogging can be rewarding but you don't have to be famous to do so.

    48. Aw, man! I wish I would have known about this! I was in SF at the time!

    49. Thanks so much for sharing this!!! I wish I had the ooprtunity to attend such conferences as well... but blogging is not so big in my country yet... anyways I'm moving to Italy soon so that should be better :)

      Love your blog:)


    50. This was such an informative post from a brand spankin' new fashion blogger like me. It really gave me the to-do's, what no to do, and everything in between. Honestly? Thanks :)



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