Monday, April 18, 2011

I Wouldn't Want to Have it Any Other Way. I'm Addicted and I Just Can't Get Enough.

Tee, scarf and sunnies: Forever 21; Shorts: Urban Outfitters; Tights: Nordstrom; Boots: Chinese Laundry; Crossbody: H&M; Photos by: DJ Lan

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

This outfit is comprised of some, if not all, of my serious closet favorites at the moment. It's funny because I rarely wear shorts, and tees, now that I really think of it. One, because I've never been just a t-shirt kinda gal, and two because the concept of wearing tights under my shorts was never something I (seriously) thought of doing, until I moved back to San Francisco. You see, in LA, the idea of wearing tights under my shorts always seemed silly, when the weather was almost always a warm high of 70 or 80. It wasn't until I came back to San Francisco, and my tights and leggings ownership increased tenfold, did I finally accept that tights can be worn basically under anything -- dresses, skirts, shorts, rompers, ANYTHING. And, this whole idea of wearing tights under basically everything I own (as, I rarely, rarely wear pants, and anyone who knows me can definitely attest to this) never started as a fashion conscious decision. It was more of a necessity, rather than an option, because of the mere fact that my little body could not handle the freezer-like temperatures of the Bay Area. Okay, I know all you East Coast kids are probably shaking your heads at the computer screen at this very moment, but I really can't actually handle temperatures lower than .... 70 degrees. This is a fact. I think my body just doesn't regulate the blood flow through my body as fast a normal person, because I am almost always cold. This is obviously something I'm going to have to work on when I make that move to NYC, ha! Anyways, long story short, if you were to run into me today, there is a 98.5% chance I would be in tights. The tee is unlike any I have ever owned, and for $5, it was a pretty sweet deal. Its stretchy material gives me that extra wiggle room for the days when I eat enough to feed a third world nation. And, since I do that more often that I should, you can imagine how much wear this little tee gets. These boots are my absolute favorite shoes of the moment. They go with skirts, shorts, and pants (on the rare occasion I wear such things... I like to call those times "laundry days"). They are the perfect day to night outfit transformer, and they are incredibly comfortable.


  1. Love your header, great concept!!!

  2. Me too. I cannot stand the cold weather!!! I'm a california beach type of girl and enjoy the nice warm sunny weather!!!

    Your boots are hot mama!! And loving the grey tones!

    p.s. I love that song. one of my faves!


  3. LOVE this all grey outfit. I'm a huge fan of grey on grey. Your hair looks awesome as well.

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  4. Lovely boots! They look great with your outfit :)

  5. Those shorts are so cute! I know what you mean about tights...even in LA I find myself cold when others are warm (and I'm a New England native!). I find that if my feet are warm, it really helps, so tights, long socks and boots are fantastic fashion accessories. Of course, I do wear my fair share of pants, which probably gives me a leg up on you (get it? leg up? ha!)

  6. I want your bag!

  7. you look wonderful - i love those shorts! i used to live in miami and i couldn't handle anything under 70 degrees either, i remember when it would be 60 degrees and i'd be dying lol

  8. In Florida growing up, you would never find me without a sweater/jacket to throw on...even when it was 80 outside. Now that I live in New England, there are days I don't even want to leave the house! I tell people all the time my blood doesn't circulate normal! the outfit! And now that the weather is hitting the 50's I've been meaning to try the tights under shorts. You have given me inspiration:)

  9. Love the outfit! Those shorts are amazing and so flattering on you!


  10. aww pretty as always girl!! i am looving the dark colors and how everything goes so well together. ps. those boots are fierce ;). and agree, weather here in the bay -- tights and shorts are my new best friend and go-to outfit haha. p.s.s. PICNIC in sf soon? are you going to the blogger meet-up this Saturday?? the fb event is here:

    hope you're having a great week so far girl! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  11. im following ya as well! i visit the bay area frequently and can never get used to the contrast in weather from la to sf. i would never survive on the east coast.

  12. Love your new header, cute cute cute layout! OOOOH, gray on gray, daring! It looks awesome on you nevertheless! Tights are definitely the best best best things ever invented, especially for the bay, that's basically all I wear! It's a necessity!


  13. You look great. I love the boots and the tights. Very pretty.


  14. love your shorts and the monochromatic colour scheme!

    january, x

  15. you look so great in this grey on grey ensemble! <3


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