Friday, September 16, 2011

Food Friday: The Brixton

The Brixton 2140 Union Street

After Saturday's Gap Event, Cindy, Ashley and I decided to fill our hungry tummies. Entranced by its beautiful black interior and cute mason jars (yes, we were really hooked on their table settings), we decided to dine at The Brixton on Union Street.

Cindy's Miso Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Salad: Mixed baby greens, seaweed salad, cucumber, cherry tomato, shaved red onion & edamame drizzled with ginger-white soy sauce vinaigrette.
My Cornmeal Fried Chicken Salad: Skinless, seasoned fried chicken thigh over chopped romaine, green bean, cherry tomatoes, sliced watermelon radish & tossed with a jalapeno, bacon buttermilk dressing.

Upon first glance of the menu, I have to be honest when I say I was skeptical that anything I ordered would fill me up. As you know, I'm not really a salad kind of gal. I go for hearty dishes that will leave me feeling satisfied. So, it was funny when Cindy asked me, "What are you going to have," because 90% of the menu's choices were salads! Without sounding horribly stereotypical, we all had a little laugh and weren't so surprised because, after all, we were in the Marina. But, alas, my skeptical mind was proven wrong and I felt incredibly satisfied after ordering the Cornmeal Fried Chicken Salad. A little bit of an oxymoron that is, right? Fried Chicken Salad?? But, boy was it delicious. Tender and fresh, the chicken was almost as good as mom's. The Brixton is perfect place to grab a drink with friends on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I'll definitely be back for their happy hour AND to try their "demoned eggs." Added plus? They were playing Murray and Nadal's US Open Tennis match as we ate and I had a perfect view of the screen.


  1. looks delicious!!! and i love that table setting too!

  2. Yummy, everything looked so delicious :) I am currently planning my nightly salad as I type this! btw I am back! I took a break to figure out my blogs direction and I am coming back full force!

  3. that salad actually sounds AMAZING! Too bad I'm allergic to lettuce (I know, what the hell) so I couldn't have it :(

  4. this looks so amazing. When I visited SF, I ate like a king!

  5. I actually never even knew there was a such thing as fried chicken salad, that sounds deliciousss!


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