Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lab Event 2013

Bridal Gown: Sarah Seven; Hair and Makeup: Susie Chhuor

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of walking in Sarah Seven's second annual runway show for The Lab Event, which took place in Sonoma. It was a day of firsts for me - my first time in Sonoma (can you believe it?) and first time doing a runway show for bridal gowns. It was such a fun experience and I was so happy to walk alongside many of my fellow bay area blogging pals! Sarah Seven is such a talented designer - I felt like a princess while wearing her beautiful gowns! It helped that I had a wonderful makeup and hair artist who not only gave me the perfect cinnamon bun top knot I've ever had, but also gave me a natural and fresh face. Thank you, Susie! I've got a long, long way to go before I start thinking about walking down the aisle, haha, but for one night, it was lovely to wear white. Special thanks to The Lab Event and Sarah Seven for allowing me to be a part of this year's event.



  1. Oh my goodness, you look stunning!!!! Looks like a great EVENT! I am so jealous you got to try on all those gorgeous gowns! Love!! Have a great weekend!


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  3. Had a BLAST hanging out with you, playing bride, and cheering on our Niners! <3 You looked so gorgeous (as always!). xox

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  5. You will make a beautiful bride one day! Looks like it was an amazing event!



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