Monday, September 30, 2013

pancakeREVIEW: Shiseido Ibuki Skin Regimen | #ShiseidoStyleHunter

It's no secret that I like to take care of my skin, and when it comes to my face, I'm a firm believer in a morning and evening routine. I recently had the pleasure of trying out Shiseido's new Ibuki skin regimen products and am a new convert. 

Every morning, I like to start off my day by  giving my face a nice warm face wash. Shiseido's purifying cleaner works to wake me up -- its gentle exfoliating micro-beads scrub away any leftover makeup and impurities leftover from the night before. One thing I love about the cleanser is it only takes a pea-sized amount to work up a foaming lather. (Hello, bang for your buck!) There's nothing I hate more than when you need copious amounts of a product in order to get the job done. And if you're not awake yet, then cleanser's sweet, calming smell will do the trick.

After I'm done washing my face, I take a small pump of the softening concentration and work it evenly across my face. The softening concentration works to smooth the skin and provides a little added moisture. Finally, I take a small pump of the refining moisturizer, rub it across my face and I'm done. The moisturizer gives my skin additional hydration, which lasts all day long. 

At night, I wash my face with the purifying cleanser right before bed and repeat the full process again in the morning. 

Do you guys have a skin regimen or any products you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below -- I'm always looking for new products to try! 

Shiseido Ibuki purifying cleansersoftening concentration, & refining moisturizer c/o Shiseido & People StyleWatch 


  1. I've been hearing freak things about this line, so glad to get a thorough thoughtful review!

  2. i need to get a morning routine. thanks for reminding me :)


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