Wednesday, February 5, 2014

pancakeLEFTOVERS: January

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, but I thought I'd bring it back - mostly because I miss them and hope you do too. I look back at January in a bittersweet way. The beginning was a little rough and I feel as though I lost my way, but after a few heartwarming talks with some good people, midway through the month, I finally felt like the old me (or the "new" me?). Sometimes blogging is tough. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that. Not many people will tell you that sometimes it's hard to go on, when things outside of your control take place. But, one thing I'm thankful for is having really good people in my life who support me and help me find my way when I veer off my path. This past January, I threw out the old and welcomed in the new. Both literally and figuratively. Somewhat of a cryptic message, I suppose, but let's just say I'm welcoming in all the positive energy headed my way. So long story short - I didn't start off January in the bang-like manner I would have liked, but better late than never, right? pancakeLEFTOVERS, for those who are unfamiliar, is my way of looking back at the past month in a way that helps me look forward to the new one. Below are some snaps that you may or may not have seen, all of which summarize the month behind us. Enjoy. 

In January, I saw my beloved Niners win...and then I saw them lose. You win some, you lose some. I like to think that you always win when sweets are involved. 
I also remembered why I love attending events - even if it means heading to an event alone. It's great to go to events with friends, but one wonderful thing about going to an event alone is that it helps you get out of your comfort zone and forces you to meet some new people. I attended an event for Peet's Coffee and it proved to be a great night. Met some awesome people who reminded me that there's nothing better than being passionate about what you love to do. 
In January, I blogged. It seems silly to call that out, right? Considering that's what I do - I blog? But, I feel as though I blogged differently this time around. Once I regained my fire, I worked harder and now I'm more motivated than ever. Thanks to those who fueled my fire and to those who fanned my flames when I needed it the most. 
In January, I worked with some really awesome people. There's nothing I love more than being around people who work hard for what they have, support others, and are passionate. I made new friends, grew closer with others, reached out to new people, and reconnected with old buddies. I also ate a lot of food, and I personally believe that food tastes even better when you're enjoying the company you're with. 
I also decided to redo my apartment. Most of you haven't seen it, but I've lived in my apartment in the city for a few years now. It's basically looked the same for the past two and half years, so last month, I  finally made the decision to start revamping. My mom is always so wise. When I told her I was so sad to get rid of my old arm chair, she reminded me that although it's hard to let go, sometimes we need to, so that we can let the good stuff come into our lives. I don't think she was just talking about the arm chair. 
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In January, I learned. A little bit about other people, but mostly about myself. What I want, what I hope will come, and what I need to do to get there. In January, I didn't give up. So in February, it can only get better.

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