Friday, March 14, 2014

Beauty Bites: Clarins Spring 2014: Opalescence

Hello my lovelies! So, I know I usually do Food Fridays, but I thought today I'd mix it up and share my new series with you - Beauty Bites! (That's kind of foodie related...right?) As you may know, I've wanted to incorporate more beauty into my blog routine for some time now, but haven't gotten a chance to really do so until now. Aside from my love of makeup and my constant curiosities with trying new products, a main and driving force behind my sudden urge to kick my beauty posts into gear is my job. I won't go into the details of where I work or what I do (as I believe in keeping the personal things personal and private), but I will say that I work for a beauty startup and am surrounded by makeup all day, everyday. Because I've been able to try out so many wonderful products fairly regularly (either through work or events), I wanted to share my finds with all of you!

I recently attended the Clarins preview at Bloomingdales, where I was able to learn more about their new "Opalescence" Spring 2014 line. I used Clarins a longggg time ago, so I was very excited to see their new products and changes since I last tried them out.

Timing couldn't have been better on this one. I recently ran out of the moisturize I've been using (some of you might remember this post) and wanted to find a new replacement. With the new season, my sensitive, but fairly normal skin (in terms of dryness), has been a bit wonky. I wanted something gentle, but also something that would work on getting my face back on track. I started using the new Multi-Active Day Cream for the last week, and love it. It's light, refreshing, not greasy, and I love that it leaves my face feeling moisturized all day. 

I'm only 26, but I don't think there's ever too early of a time to start taking care of your skin. I'm curious to see how the cream works in terms of soothing fine lines and early signs of wrinkles... gotta keep that face (and neck - never forget to moisturize the neck, people!) tight. One other thing to note - for some, the scent might be a bit off-putting. In all honesty it has an older smell (think of what your grandma might wear). BUT, I honestly really love that about it. It reminds me very much of my grandma and I remember when I was a tot, I would watch her moisturize her face in the bathroom before going out. The scent reminds me of that time and I do cherish it.  

I'm a sucker for blushes and I can't wait to really start using this one. I took a couple of swatches on my skin and loved the light, airy feeling to it. This limited edition Blush Powder helps to illuminate and even out the complexion. Will definitely snap some selfies once I try this one on my face and let you guys know what I think! 

So, as you guys know I'm not big on foundation. But, I've recently come to love CC creams. I have a blemish every now and then, so I dab just a tiny bit on the problem area and don't have to think twice. This new Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base feels very similar to that. I tried the champagne shade (found it matched my skin tone better) and loved the creamy texture. Great for balancing out the skin and adding a subtle glow. What I liked most about this compared to my current CC cream is that this one is moisturizing. Definitely great for SF's temperamental weather. 

This beautifully creamy blush is in such a stunning shade for the season - grenadine. Because it's a Multi-Blush, you can add a bit of color to both your cheeks and your lips. A little goes a long way with this shade, dab lightly for a dewy, flush look. 

And of course, what is a new spring line without some color to match? Another limited edition piece, the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette is the perfect palette for spring. I rarely, rarely venture off my brown and bronze eyeshadow path. I have so many browns, you would think it was my favorite color. That said, I'm not afraid of a little color. The Vibrant Light color quartet comes with a little how-to card showing you how to achieve the perfect ombre eye. Can you guess what I'll be practicing this weekend? I'll let you guys know about the staying power of these shades!

Well, there you have it. My first Beauty Bite of the season! I have more planned, so I hope you enjoyed this post and I can't wait to share what's to come! 


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  2. I love the packaging of these! So pretty, makes me want to go buy them xx



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