Thursday, September 3, 2015

Beauty Bites: VERB Hair Products

One of the trickiest things about having naturally curly hair is finding the proper products to make it shine. I have my set of favorites, but every now and then I love testing out some new stuff to see if there's anything else that will give my hair life. Earliest this month, I was introduced to Austin-bred hair care brand, VERB. I've been using the brand now for about a month and can't say enough great things.

Photos by: Melissa de Mata

The shampoo and conditioner set is gentle, cleansing and moisturizing. I love the way they smell, too. After I wash my hair, my preferred method of styling is natural, easy peasy air drying with just the necessary hair products.

The first thing I swear by is a good leave-in conditioner. VERB's comes in a spray bottle, which is clutch. I spray it all over my roots, the back of my hair and the ends. It's got this fresh scent and is so light, you hardly feel it's there. I love the spray nozzle, because as much as possible, I try not to fuss with my hair when styling to avoid frizz. When I'm done adding my leave-in, I spray a couple quick pumps of VERB's volumizing spray to my roots to give my hair some extra body for once it's dry. When I'm done with my sprays, I add just a tiny dab of styling cream to set my hair in place and make sure it's as frizz-less as can be when it's time to air dry.

Interestingly enough, the first time I actually used the set of products was during Outside Lands weekend. Now, I know what you're thinking (my hair was straight all weekend-long). Yes. Yes, it was. But, I figured if there was one place hair products could be best tested, it's a music festival. Knowing that I'd straighten my locks anddd wash it a little less frequently (day old hair is okay, you guys!), I decided to test out VERB's Dry Shampoo and their famed Ghost Oil. I loved both. The Dry Shampoo was great for extra volume and absorbed all my hair's excess oil. But, because I was going over my hair with a straightener over and over, a few drops of VERB's Ghost Oil gave my hair iNSTANT SHINE. (And better yet, it wasn't greasy at all.) Winner, winner. Sometimes, I add just a teensy tiny drop to my curly hair and it dries with a nice little glow. How's that for instant gratification?

I'm looking forward to trying more VERB products - namely their curling cream because curls, right? If you're in the market for some new hair supplies, try your hand at VERB. The products are fresh, light and guaranteed to make your hair come alive.

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