Monday, January 4, 2016

San Francisco Staycation

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we sometimes forget to take a little time out for ourselves. This past holiday season, I was able to take a night off from work, events, gatherings and the busy city with a night at the new Courtyard Marriott Union Square. Just a walk away from Union Square's shopping, and some of the yummiest food spots in town, the Courtyard couldn't have been a more ideal place for a little staycation.

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Photos by: Melissa de Mata 

So, what does one do on a staycation? Binge on all the things - Netflix, television, cruffins, and more. I don't have television at home, so I spent a little time watching my guilty pleasures in the afternoon and only stopping to make it to dinner at Liholiho, which had been on my list all year. It was nice being just a walk away from the restaurant - seriously less than a 10 minute walk! (More on this in my next Food Friday post!) After dinner, I continued the binge-watching trend into the evening, this time switching to Netflix and catching more than a few episodes of Making a Murder (which I have since finished and still can't believe what I watched). It was nice to spend an evening with no plans - just rest and relaxation. I woke up pretty early the next day to make it to Mr. Holmes for the elusive cruffin, which wasn't too bad because the hotel is just a five minute walk away from the bakehouse. (More on this, too, in my upcoming Food Friday post.)

What I loved the most about my stay at the Courtyard was how easy it was to do all the neighborhood tourist things I wanted to do, but didn't have a chance to all year. Being the foodie that I am, I can't tell you how long I've waited to #getbaked at Mr. Holmes and #getjag(ged) at Liholiho. Foodie dreams come true. It was also nice exploring a different part of town, taking in all the views of the 17th floor and getting some down time right before the new year. I loved the Courtyard's modern vibes and appreciated how genuinely nice the staff was during my stay. Resolution #1 for the new year? Sneak in more staycations.

Special thanks to the Courtyard Marriott Union Square for the staycation!

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  1. Your staycation sounds amazing! I've been dying to try Liholiho, gotta check that out (and can't wait for your post!). What beautiful decor at the new Courtyard Marriott!
    xo Veronica


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