Friday, February 19, 2016

Food Friday: Hog and Rocks

Hog and Rocks 3431 19th Street 
5/5 Stacks

I don't know if I've officially gone on the record about this, but if not, here it is - brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Don't get me wrong, I love a good dinner, but there's nothing like a good brunch in my humble opinion. So, when the Hog and Rocks team invited me to try their brunch menu one lovely Saturday afternoon, there was just no way I could say no. So, I didn't. 

pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF
pancakestacker blog x Hog and Rocks SF

Hog and Rocks is an American-style restaurant located in the Mission. The restaurant is probably most known for its oyster and cocktail menu - their oyster happy hour means $1 oysters, people! Don't sleep. So, for a restaurant most known for its oysters, how does the brunch stack up? Luckily for you, this Stacker did the dirty work and found out for you. In short - it's well, well worth the trip. But because this a Food Friday post, we are going to give you the long form answer. We started with, well, the oysters, of course, because of course we had to. I only had a few, as I wanted to save room for the big stuff, but the few ones I enjoyed were fresh and delicious. On the cocktail front, I enjoyed a scrumptious and spicy bloody mary - highly recommend for those who like their bloodys.

As for the "big stuff," Hog and Rocks didn't skimp out. Stand out plates include the Hog and Rocks Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Duck Hash, Shrimp and Grits and French Toast. The Hog and Rocks breakfast includes home fries eggs, sausage and toast. It's perfect for anyone who is looking for a hearty, comforting, traditional brekkie. The Eggs Benedict also comes with the home fries (and really, these are some good ass potatoes, you guys), country ham and poached eggs. I'm all about a runny yolk, and if you are, too, this will be your favorite. For those into the sweet stuff, you must and I repeat, you must, order the french toast. It's not even really french toast - it's creamy, custardy, and comes with a mouth watery sauce that will make your tastebuds jump with joy. I don't even like french toast - I literally never order it, but I would order this time and time again. Honestly, even if you don't like sweet stuff, just order this and see what happens. You may just become a convert.

Brunch is from 11 - 2:30 every Saturday and Sunday. If you find yourself in the Mission and need a place to chow down, this is your spot. Special thanks to Hog and Rocks for having me and letting me pig out like the Miss Piggy I am. 

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