Monday, November 28, 2016

Such Great Heights

Let me introduce you to one of San Francisco's biggest hidden gems - the recently reopened Hilton Cityscape. I was invited to check out San Francisco's views in a way unlike before. Sure, I've hopped on my roof to marvel over the beautiful sunsets, been to the top of the Transamerica to see the city from way up high, and have obsessed over the the sights from the vantage points at the parks (Corona Heights is my new favorite, btw). So, could a hotel really offer something I haven't seen? In short, yes.

So, what makes the view so gosh darn great? First off, Cityscape is a full 360 view of the city - you can see everywhere from the Golden Gate to the Financial District to the freeways out of the city. It's incredible. Catch the city on a beautiful day and you'll stare in awe as the sun sets, dripping from blue, purple and pink to the sun's final orange burn. I've seen a lot of good sunsets in my life, and trust me when I say, your sunset repository isn't complete until you've got 20 photo from the Cityscape snapped and stacked up in your camera roll. But, the Cityscape is more than the views - there's the bar and the the bites, too. The cocktails are on the pricier side (a drink will cost you close to $20), but if the rationale for your final bill is that you were there for the experience, then you can't really put a price on that, right? The cocktails all take their name from neighborhoods around town - sad to report back that the Marina (my neighborhood) didn't make the cut, but I get enough of it at home anyways. The Cityscape is the perfect spot to take your pals from out of town, a date you'd like to impress, or your born and bred Bay Area friends who are looking to fall back in love with their city. Take it from a local, my heart is pretty full. 


  1. Ah! I need to go here!!! Ittai would die for these views!


  2. I m going to come in SF to live in during one year and I definetly want to see this!


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