Monday, December 5, 2016

Viansa Sonoma Photo Diary

Should I go ahead and start a new series on the blog called "Wine Wednesdays" and get it over with? Ha. With all the wine country trips I've made this year, I might as well, right? But seriously. Here we go with another one! In this previous post, you saw what I wore, so why not backtrack a bit and talk about there "where" part, shall we? A few weeks back, we were invited to get whisked away to an afternoon at Viansa Sonoma. For those who haven't been, Viansa is just at the entrance of Sonoma country. It's about a 30-45 minute drive from the city and one of the first wineries you'll see on your way into wine country. The property originates back to 1904, when the Sebasitiani family first purchased the land, but winery itself was founded in 1989. In 2014-15, the estate was redone - the vineyards replanted and wetlands that the property looks over, restored. Needless to say, it was a treat to spend the day at the beautiful property. These photos do it zero justice, but hope you'll humor me and scroll through anyways.

Alright - I told you, the photos don't do this place justice. But, since you're here now, let's talk about the wine and the food, ya? The wine. Since refining my palette a tad more in this last year, I've found myself favoring reds more and more, hence Viansa's Zin and Sangiovese were two standouts for me. I'm also big on bubbles, so their champagne was right up my alley. But, Viansa isn't just known for their wines - their bites are out of this world. All bites are catered by Paula LeDuc Fine Catering - if you get a chance to visit Viansa, don't leave without a cookie! We were treated to pizza fired up on the property's outdoor brick oven and nibbles including shrimp, charcuterie and delicious desserts. The property is very large, so it's the perfect place for groups. Whether you want to have a picnic in their picnic table area, or sip wine while gazing out into the wetlands, there's a spot for everyone at Viansa. Special thanks to the Viansa team for making us feel so welcomed and making sure our wine glasses (and tummies!) were always full. 
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