Monday, March 6, 2017

Stacker Style: Snow Leopard

pancakestacker blog x TY-LR

I've been looking for a way to wear more of my closet treasures, especially those that are a little louder than I'm used to. Take this leopard coat (which you've now seen twice!). I love it, because I love, love, love leopard, but, I've had trouble styling it because it's so darn loud. And this top? I love it for it's classic appeal - it's also pretty damn chic and kind of makes me feel like I'm this hip Brit walking the streets of London. But, its big bow kind of also stresses me out, because what do I even wear it with? Well, after realizing that I have a ton of cool stuff in my closet that I bought for a reason, I came to the conclusion that I need to wear them. Thus, came this outfit, which you're now seeing on your screens.

pancakestacker blog x TY-LR pancakestacker blog x TY-LR pancakestacker blog x TY-LR pancakestacker blog x TY-LR pancakestacker blog x TY-LR
Missguided Coat (sold out, similar here), Similar Skirt, TY-LR Top

Photos by: Julia O Test

The inspiration behind this look is actually my gal pal, Rose (Hi, Rose!). She's a hip Brit who wears rad clothes and when I put this one on, I was like this is totally Rose + Alexa Chung, so I think did okay. It's been shockingly cold in San Francisco, and while I'd almost never wear this skirt with tights, I had to this one time. Luckily, I don't think it looks that bad, but I do look forward to wearing this one again when it's a little less nippy, so I can lose the tights. Now that I've given this top a chance, I've already put together a few other looks in my mind. Get ready to see all my loud things a million times, because again, that's real life and I'm making up for lost time.

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