Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Stacker Style: What To Wear To A Warriors Game

What to wear to a Warriors Game: Distressed Jeans, team colors, and a snapback cap.

A few weeks back, my friends at ShopStyle invited me to attend a Warriors game with them, which can only be described as a bucket list moment. These last few years have been really exciting for Bay Area sports - World Series titles, a Super Bowl game (even though... it wasn't actually ours, lol), and championship rings. As you know, I am a Niners and Giants gal through and through. I love my SF teams. I wish I could claim my die-hard Warriors fan status, but alas, I only own one Warriors hat (see above) compared to my eight Niners and Giants caps combined. That being said, in the last handful of years, I've slowly started to incorporate more of the game onto my "to cheer for" list (thanks to friends who don't mind if I tag along to eat popcorn & ask too many questions while they attentively watch each play and a boyfriend who is actually a die-hard fan). Plus, I'm not one to deny greatness. Steph Curry, anyone?

That being said, I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn't super amped on what my courtside attire was going to be. I sent way too many text messages asking my friends if my new haircut plus snapback combo made me look too much like Bruno Mars. (Please see this photo for reference.) Still unsure about that one, but I went with the hat, anyways...for better or worse. It was an amazing experience to watch such a talented team play live. And of course, there was never a moment when I was without a snack in hand. Seriously.

Get the look:

Candian Tuxedo: Totally appropriate for NBA outings.
ShopStyle Warriors Basketball game courtside seats!
What to wear to a Warriors Game: Distressed Jeans, team colors, and a snapback cap.
Coutside Basketball game snacking. Popcorn, please!
Warriors vs. Mavericks, February 8, 2018.
Candid shots from the Warriors game.
Michael Crabtree spotted at the Warriors vs. Mavericks game.Warriors Wall
Warriors vs. Mavericks game.
Levi's Jeans c/o; Keds c/o; Vintage Silk Top (similar here); Gucci Crossbody; Denim Jacket c/o (similar here); Warriors Snapback (similar here)

Now, let's chat ShopStyle, shall we? ShopStyle is "the world’s most fashionable search engine." You can use the site to help you easily find clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids. Even better - you can get alerted when items you're eyeing go on sale. As a blogger, I am part of ShopStyle's Collective. You may have noticed around these here parts of the web, that I include links and widgets to help you shop my looks. Sometimes, when you click or make a purchase through one of my links, I may make a small commission. And let me tell you - it makes a big difference for self-employed gals such as myself!

So, before I go, I can't leave without saying thanks to all of you who continue to support. And, of course, thanks so much to ShopStyle for such a treat.

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