Friday, April 15, 2011

And We Live in a Beautiful World. Yeah We Do, Yeah We Do.

It's a magical thing having Fridays off, especially when the day is a beautiful one. Of course, all days are beautiful, but some days more so than others. For me, nothing really compares to a quiet afternoon in the city, laying in the grass, smiling at the sun, and filling up on food. I spent part of my Friday at the Civic Center, only because I had to indulge in some Off The Grid action, and if this doesn't sound familiar to you, refresh your memory here

Ellie Goulding - Don't Panic (Coldplay Cover)

Lace-panel Maxi Skirt: The Wasteland; Racerback top: Target; Braided Belt: Old Navy; Sunnies: Forever 21; Sandals: Steve Madden; Watch: Nordstrom; Crossbody Bag: H&M; Photos by: DJ Lan

This time, I finally treated my taste buds to some good ole Curry Up Now. I had a deliciously spicy Chicken Tikki Masala burrito and washed it down with a sweet Mango Lassi. It was the best -- until I realized that it was Friday and I wasn't supposed to eat meat... sigh. But, I only have my poor memory to blame. Interestingly enough, I wore a black lace-paneled maxi skirt that I picked up at the Wasteland, from the last time I was at OTG and Haight. I definitely did not plan that, but it just seemed like the perfect time to wear it. Another interesting fact? The watch I'm wearing is from the little kiddie's department at Nordstrom. My wrists are so tiny, that I seriously had to take out three links from that sucker. Not even joking. I couldn't bring myself to purchase a $300 watch in the accessories department, knowing very well that I would have to take out a billion links. So, I happily settled for my $14 gunmetal kids watch. It feels just as good as the real thing, ha!

P.S. Besides the new face-lift (did you notice how pretty my site is now??), I have a lot of exciting changes coming up! Can't wait to share them with you. Happy Friday, my loves!
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