Monday, April 25, 2011

Santa Barbara: A Photo Diary

Passed by the local Goodwill and saw this staring at me. For $1, I probably should have purchased it. I bet it has all the life secrets that I am missing. Darn it.

While these may just look like tacos, this photo serves as a reminder from one of the most hilarious nights of my life. Wild Cat Santa Barbara. Do yourself a favor, and check out their Sunday Gay Night for the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.  *
Red Mango Smoothie with a boost of Vitamin C from Blenders gave me a boost of energy for the long ride back to San Francisco
Photos by: Chandamheer and DJ Lan*

A few snaps from a quickie visit to Santa Barbara. We left LA a little early to spend one night in Santa Barbara and boy was it a fun stop. That Sunday night, we wanted to experience the SB night life, so we went to Wild Cat's Gay Night for some dancing and drinks. And, it basically proved to be the best decision ever. The DJ played all of my favorite songs and it was so nice to just spend a night dancing and laughing with friends. We even scored some free street tacos! The most hilarious part, however, had to be all of our friendly encounters that night. We met Daniel, a straight man who claimed to be gay just so he could follow us around all night, two extremely passionate Argentinians, both of whom professed their undeniable "love" for us ladies, and then we met this really random guy who just wanted to creepily sit next to us and not speak. It was odd, to say the least. Who knew us girls would get so much action on gay night?

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