Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Our first picture of the night! (picture c/o PoshMark)
Last week, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a PoshParty with the fabulous team at PoshMark and Kristen of Fashion Fate. Before I get into the nitty gritty of how purrfect  (see what I did there?) our "Wild Things" themed party was, let me cover a few basics. For those of you who aren't sure of what PoshMark is, get ready because your whole shopping and iPhone experience is about to change.

PoshMark is a free iPhone application that connects fashion and shopping lovers from all over with just the click of a button. Essentially, it's a shopping application that allows you to peruse through listings from fellow fashionistas and buy what you fancy. Even better, you can list your own items that haven't been getting as much TLC and watch it go to a new home that will give it some extra lovin' (while making some easy peasy cash monies of your own). Now that's a win-win if I do say so myself. So if you are reading this and you still don't have this app on your phone, pause, download it, and get ready for some addicting fun.

Left to right: Me, LyAnn, Tracy, Carlina, and Kristen. (picture c/o PoshMark)
Every week, PoshMark has a few PoshParties, which are virtual online parties that you can attend with the app, where you can browse, buy, and list items that correspond with the party's theme for that day. I was lucky enough to co-host an animal themed PoshParty and had so much fun with all the listings. We laughed, devoured delicious Japanese food, listened to some Britney, Justin, and other 90's jams, drank some wine, and let our inner animals out to play. Overall, it was an amazing experience to be apart of. Big, big thanks to Carlina, LyAnn, Tracy, Manish, and the rest of the PoshMark team for allowing me to join in on the fun!

My seriously soft scarf and first PoshMark sale!
Scrumptious food & wine 
Just PoshMarkin' around 
Me and my beautiful co-host, SweeetKristen, haha! (picture c/o PoshMark)

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