Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ice Watch USA #TimeInColor


I've been getting a lot of new watches lately, which only leads me to believe one thing -- time must be on my side this year. So far, eight days into the new year and so many great things are already happening. I have to *knock on wood* because I don't want the tides to change, but the latter half of 2012 was a difficult one, so I think it's only fair that good things start paying me a visit, right? This particular time piece is from Ice Watch USA for their #TimeInColor campaign. I went with white because what color better represents a blank canvas, a fresh new start? That's what I've been striving for  this new year, and so far, I've got to say that there's nothing better than starting each day happier than the day before. 

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Blouse via random boutique; Jolt vest via Nordstrom (similar); SOLD Design Lab Denim Shorts; Aldo flats; Ice Watch USA c/o

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