Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Stacker Style: Textures and Lengths

pancake stacker wearing bgbgeneration leather jacket, river island straight leg jeans, and zara bow heels.

Another winning piece from my Boxing Day haul are these sweet straight leg jeans that I scored for $30. (I'm getting really good at finding under $50 deals, can you tell?) After taking a gander at my closet and realizing that all my pants were starting to become wide leg crop clones, I decided it was time to stick a straight leg in there. Still kept the crop, because I find them much more flattering on me. I will say that the crop style isn't quite the best for this cold, wet weather we're experiencing, but I'm not above wearing chunky socks and ankle booties, so long as it means I can keep my flattering fit, ha. Thanks to Boxing Day deals, these jeans have gotten gobbled up,  but there are still a few sizes left! These heels are long gone, but I've shared a few similar styles below. The heels (at a whopping $20, y'all!) were a major score from the Zara sale. They're of course a dupe of The Row's original kitten heel, but I'm balling on a budget so the knock-offs were a-ok with me. If you are, in fact, ballin', then I've linked to the originals in a few colors, below. I decided to layer my outwear (for extra warmth) and played with length to give my all-black ensemble a little something more than meets the eye. Texture and lengths are great ways to jazz up an otherwise monotonous uniform.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Stacker Style: Does This Make Me Look Cool?

When I asked Derrick if he thought I looked cool in this outfit, he said that he couldn't tell if he was just so used to seeing me wearing this style of 'fit, or if I really did look cool. Perhaps I'm biased, but I vote for cool girl vibes, right? I got these jeans and this fleece on super duper sale this past Black Friday. Jeans were (and still are) $10 and the fleece was under $20. I got the fleece in two colors because it's just that good and warm. The jeans have made it to the top of my favorite list. They do run extremely large - I am normally a 26/27 waist and sized down to a 25, but honestly, could (and should have) gone down to a 23. Not quite sure why they run so much larger than true, but strap a belt on and you're kinda okay. The coat is an old, old one from Nordstrom - actually a gift from my mom back in like the 7th grade. I'm not joking. How's that for something old and something new? Let me remind you that I turn 30 next month, so 7th grade is feeling waaaaaay long ago.  


Monday, January 8, 2018

Stacker Style: Here's to 2018

pancake stacker wearing a fuzzy faux fur vest, everlane wide leg crop pants, everlane day heels, and a gap turtlneck sweater

Here it is. My first post of 2018! It's crazy to think that I've been blogging since 2010. This blog (and you guys) have seen a lot. And yet, there's still so much more to see (feel, learn, and do). And that's what I am looking forward to this year. 2017 was a whirlwind - many valleys and many peaks, but 7 days in and I know (feel and truly believe) that 2018 will be the best one yet. Not just for me, but for all. I am looking forward to creating more, sharing more stories, meeting more people, and learning more about myself and everything else there is so soak up and learn in this world. Here's to 2018. Let's make it spectacular.

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