Monday, October 11, 2010

Monumental Moments: Part One

A little thing called the Washington Monument
Hitting 95 to 100 degrees a day with 40-60% humidity everyday, D.C. was some of the hottest weather I've experienced since Spain. While I generally look forward to the heat (sunshine is my thing), hot heat plus sticky humidity is a recipe for disaster when it comes to my body and hair. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say my clothes were more than drenched after hour tours and miles of walking around. Yet, it wasn't just the humidity that put a bit of a damper on my trip. On the second day of my trip to the Virigina/DC area, I accidentally erased all the pictures on my camera from my first day's adventure. So, sadly, all my amazing photos from day one are forever lost in the limbo to memory card heaven. Thankfully, I was still able to go back and re-shoot some of the big sites from the nation's capital. While I am still heartbroken over losing some of the most beautiful shots of my first day on the east coast, I have the consolidation of my memories to keep me from getting teary-eyed. Thus, since I lost about 200 shots that day, I'm going to have to spread out the few photos I have left from D.C. As a side note, Please ignore the fact that I will be wearing the same thing for all my D.C. posts (I seriously crammed what I could into one jam-packed day!). Below is a little taste of pancakeSTACKER in D.C.
It was so hot out that I was so giddy to find this mini fountain, can you tell?
I didn't know if people were allowed to run through it
But since no one stopped me, I was sure it was made for cooling down
So, cool down I did
Shorts: Forever 21; Belt: Old Navy; Top: Nordstrom; Photos by: Alex L.


  1. oh! i miss washington d.c....have realy fab memories!

    i just bumped into your blog! i realy like it!


  2. The pics @ the mini fountain are your monument fun fun!

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  3. that monument reminded me of the movie Forrest Gump. haha and you look great dear! :D

  4. Fab photos, I would love the visit there!


  5. cute shots, these pics of you are adorable!

    xx raez

  6. wow, wish it was that hot in here! love your outfit

  7. waauw what a very cool pictures, love it!! Also you are wearing a great outfit darling :)

    big kisses

  8. Ohhh so pretty!!! Want to check on my blog ? I think we could follow each other, it would be so much fun, oh and perhaps if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . What do you think? I would be so glad. Love, Jo

  9. Cute photos! It looks like you had a fabulous trip. :)

  10. LOVE LOVE these photos! So fun!!
    But more importantly I DIE for your leopard
    tank!! You totally rock this look!! : )


  11. great photos! love it washington such a fun city!

  12. you look great! i love the top. wish it was that hot here at the moment..

    feel free to check out my blog and if you like it maybe you could follow (:

  13. sorry about your photos :(

    but these look amazing and it looks like you're having a blast!


  14. nice styling of your outfit :)


  15. love your dress! now following you :)

  16. ive never been to DC but iwould love to go one day :)

  17. That looks like fun! I see myself lying down on top of it on a hot summer day !

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  18. I would have done the same thing!

    Love Grace.

  19. Oh no that sucks you lost so many of your pics - I love these though, so fun, and your shorts are super cute xx

  20. fun photos :) Love the leopard print tank!

    Em K


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