Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Wishes

The countdown continues, so today I thought I'd post up some pretty pictures of some things I'm currently coveting. In the meantime, feel free to keep posting questions you would like me to answer for my upcoming FAQ post! I'm looking forward to working on the post, especially since it will include a fun photo shoot that Tim & I worked on,  so make 'em good!!

(1) I've recently become obsessed with BaubleBar. I'll take the Cable Duo Necklace, the Monogram Necklace in Rose Gold, the Sea-Foam Cable Necklace, or better yet, all of the above ;)
(2) The perfect birthday dress? Nasty Gal's "Disco Queen Dress" in Emerald.
(3) I'm on the hunt for the perfect wedge, and while these might be old, I'm still in love with the Joe's Jeans "Brenda V" Wedge...Size 7, please!
(4) I'm been in the market for a cute leather pouch for ages. Two-toned or plain and simple - either/or, I'll be a happy camper.
(5) I'm pretty sure this is a men's chambray shirt, but you know me, so this is not surprising. This "Faded Cotton Chambray" by J.Crew might be number five, but that doesn't mean it's last on my wishlist.

And, since I didn't want to make this post just all about me, I thought I'd announce the winners of my Benefit Beauty giveaway!! Hooray! Winners were randomly selected and the three lucky ladies are: Stefanie Gladden (light),  Kristen Kubiak (medium), and SimplyChic (dark)! Congrats, beauties! Thank you ALL for entering! There are many, many more giveaways headed your away, so definitely come back soon! Current giveaways are posted at the top-right corner of my page for easy access :)


  1. Ooooh those necklaces are awesome! Just to reply to your question, I wish I was located in NYC, that would be totally awesome. I'm from England, live quite close to london though :) XX

  2. Happy Birthday Doll! Hope it's a great one :-) Super excited that I won! I love trying out new foundations!


  3. I hope you get everything on your list!! Happy Birthdayyyyy!!!

  4. I think ill take one of each as well!! I hope you get everything you wish for and more! Check out my blog today and tell me what you think of my latest post!! THanks, chicky!


  5. Shoes...BAHHH! Love them!! I'm currently wearing your number 5 wish, and it's amazing. I hope one finds its way to you on your birthday because it's basically the gift that keeps on giving.

    Have a fabulous birthday!!!

  6. I have the Joes Jeans wedges in black and they are the BEST! So comfy! I hope you get it all :) lovely blog!


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