Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wisdom Wednesday

"Forever is composed of nows." -- Emily Dickinson

Hey there. Have you missed me? I know Wisdom Wednesday has taken a bit of break for the last couple of weeks. But, hopefully like you, I've missed my weekly reflections. In any case, this week's wisdom is short, sweet, and part of the reason for my blogging hiccups these last few weeks: Forever is composed of nows. It's a very simple concept to understand, but a very hard one to grasp. Think about it. Every day, we are all working towards something in the future - a future job, a future home, a future relationship, you name it. But, how often do you realize that while you're working on the forevers of tomorrow, all the todays turn into yesterdays? It's really great to work towards a future goal (you know that I'm in full support of that), but it's also really important to remember that achieving the dreams of tomorrow and forever all start with the moments of today. I've made a point in the last few weeks to take time for myself and really appreciate each and every one of these moment. When I'm tired and I feel like having a lazy day (and believe me, I sometimes have a lot of those days), I remember that time is something you don't get back. If I can work, then I work. If I can get outside and enjoy the day, then I enjoy. If I have any spare time to get something done, then I grab it and make use of every second. I've come to realize that these are my moments in life and I want to make sure none go wasted.  Today, tomorrow, forever - they're all the same. So, my advice? Make sure you are enjoying the journey of today, while you're on the road towards your dreams of tomorrow, forever, and everything else in between. Pit stop breaks or stops to smell the flowers are also a-ok.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.


  1. Beautiful words, Chanda- you are so wise my dear!!
    x carlina

  2. i like, i definitely need to use my time more wisely though, thanks for your words of wisdom. and love the cute


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