Monday, December 17, 2012

BCBGeneration #SpendTimeInStyle

You guys will probably be the first ones to agree with me that finding time to do all the things you need and want to do isn't always easy. Take me, for example. I love my blog to death, but these last couple of months I haven't had as much time to work on it with as much dedication as I would have liked. But, one thing that I've realized is, that in life, even though there might not be enough hours in the day to do it all, there is more than enough time to do all the things you love. So, with that I've never given up on my blog and I am determined to keep going and to make time for it. Whatever it is - family, friends, an event, work, laundry, the gym - if it means enough to you, you can and will make time for it. So, if you're finding it hard to do everything you need to do, just take a moment and see where all your time is going. I'm sure that after a few minutes of reflection, you'll find that there are just enough minutes in the day to make every second count.

"Love Affirmation Watchc/o BCBGeneration; Jacket c/o Macy's (similar style here); Romper via Macy's; Scarf: Forever 21; Cardigan: Zara; Indego Africa Fabric Wrap Beaded Bracelet c/o Nicole Miller; Margaret Elizabeth Necklace c/o ShopStyle

Photos by: Ryan Chua

To give a little background on these photos, the kind folks at BCBGeneration sent me the Love Affirmation Watch and asked me to show my readers how I "spend time in style." Luckily for me, my amazing photog friend, Ryan, generously offered to help a girl out and snapped these beautiful photos for me. We spent Saturday morning in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, Hayes Valley. For me, spending time in style isn't about what you're wearing or how you're wearing it, rather, it's about how you choose to actually spend your time. I spent that morning in true pancakeSTACKER style: by doing something that makes me smile and doing it with great company. Special thanks to BCBGeneration for sending me this beautiful holiday gift and for giving me the opportunity to reflect on how I'm spending my time.

So, with that, I have to ask: How are YOU spending time in style? 


  1. I really love this outfit! It's really cold where I live, so I'm having a hard time wearing florals or light materials (both I adore) but you really inspired me now! You look amazing!

    You're so lucky! That watch is the first thing I've noticed, it's so beautiful! I hope to own it, too, one day!
    And I'm glad you are making time for your blog, because I adore it! I am so busy lately as well, but I don't wanna neglect my blog, I love it so much! :))

  2. What you said is so true! As much as we feel like there isn't enough time, there usually is! You look absolutely stunning and happy to see your smiling face! <3


  3. the photos are beautiful and i LOVE that watch...pun totally intended.

  4. Great layers! Love your scarf!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  5. Thank you!! It's actually pretty cold here too, haha! But sometimes the sun pokes out a bit :)

  6. Thank you, love! Blogging brings a smile to my face! xo

  7. Haha - good pun! Thank YOU! Let's make a plan to FINALLY meet up in 2013? I think it's been a long time coming!


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