Friday, April 26, 2013

Coachella 2013 | Day Three

Floral Tee c/o Addison NY; Denim Shorts: Forever 21; Sandals c/o Charlotte Russe; FREE Affirmation Bracelet c/o BCBGeneration; DIY Flower Crown c/o Cult Gaia

Day Three (also known as the saddest day of Coachella because you have to slowly snap back to reality). On the last day of Coachella, I was running short on time, so I spent what few hours I had left relaxing poolside at the Lacoste L!ve Desert Pool Party (more on this in my next post!). I stuffed myself silly with popsicles, chili fries, street tacos, and ice cream sandwiches, enjoyed a fresh DJ set by Elijah Wood, got my nails done thanks to a fun mani/pedi bar, and sprawled out soaking up the sun.

I made sure to bring my A game to the pool with my Addison NY floral tee and a freshly made DIY flower crown (yes, real flowers!) by Cult Gaia. There's nothing I want more right now than to be back in that desert sun. Talk about withdrawals...



  1. Love Elijah! Cute outfit!!

    All things J

  2. So fun! Glad to have the chance to formally meet yesterday! Your blog is just as cute as i expected! lol

    Can't wait for more =D


  3. Love your coachella outfit! Some "Bottom Line" sandals by Dirty Laundry would have gone great with it as well :) ( <3

  4. Beautiful and stylish - in a boho casual way at Coachella. Love your hair too!


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