Friday, April 11, 2014

Hot Dogs or Legs? Just Kidding. My Routine For Summer-Ready Stems with Bliss Spa

You've undoubtedly noticed that the weather has gotten a little warmer, the sun has started to shine a little brighter, the festivals have slowly started to hit in full swing, which can only mean one thing - it's almost time for shorts season. And, I say shorts season because let's be real, bikini season is nonexistent here in SF, ha. There is nothing I love more than frolicking around under the sun. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do. But, when the sun comes out, so do the stems, and I know I'm not the only one who wants to make sure that mine look like all that and a bag of chips. So, in preparation for suns out, buns out season, I have partnered with Bliss Spa to share my a few little things in my routine for achieving those dreamy legz for days.

Yoga. It's no secret that I am a yoga enthusiast. While I cannot for the life of me do any headstands or any poses that involve using my arms to lift my body (darn my baby arms), I'm pretty happy with my ability to do leg raises and my overall flexibility. My favorite poses for strengthening my stems are planks (also obviously great for the arms and core), chair pose, and squat variations. Not only is yoga great for the body, but it's incredibly great for the mind. I always leave a class feeling better and refreshed. For the curious cats of the world, I try to do yoga 3-4 times a week and usually attend Vinyasa-style classes, because I like focusing on flow and breathing.

Bliss Spa Lean Machine. Bliss invited me to try out their Lean Machine, a beauty-tool that is clinically proven to help shape and tone skin. The Lean Machine is primarily used to help smooth out dimples and the appearance of cellulite. Nothing to be ashamed of here, ladies - we all have it and it's genetic! Before agreeing to try out the machine, I read many reviews on ULTA's website, with the majority being very positive. Curious girl that I am had to see it for myself. You use the machine for six minutes a day (three minutes on each leg) with a firming cream (used before and after using the machine). It's only been a few days of using the machine, so I can't yet say if it's worked any wonders, but I do have high hopes!

Walking. I know it seems so trivial. Sure, we all walk every single day, but how much are you really walking? The great thing about San Francisco is that you can walk anywhere, so I take advantage of it. I muni when I need to, but walk everywhere else. On days I know I won't be able to hit the gym, I make sure to take a long walk during my lunch break, or take a little stroll once I get home, while the sun is still out. Just 30 minutes a day of walking can help pump up your blood, which makes all the difference.

Is there anything you guys are working to tone up this almost-bikini season? I'd love to hear your fitness secrets, whether they involve workout routines, healthy diet tips, or even just mental confidence boosters! As always, feel free to comment with any specific questions and I'll do my best to respond. 

Thank you to Bliss for sponsoring today's post and thank you to all for supporting these posts. 


  1. Love this post! Definitely have been trying to get myself into healthier habits(bye bye bacon) so I can rock out with my abs out this summer ;) I try to do some sort of exercise everyday! Whether it's yoga, core blast, running, elliptical, HIIT, P90x classes, I just want to get my sweat on! I actually feel lame when I DON'T sweat now. It's weird how exercise becomes such an addicting habit! :) xx


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