Monday, June 9, 2014

pancakeLEFTOVERS: May

May was a whirlwind. So much so, that I can't even fathom how there was even enough time to do all that was done. Short on time, or not, May was a wonderful month. Things really started speeding up (to be honest, at times, it was difficult keeping up!), but that's how I like it. I love being busy. Busy in a good way. That means busy with family, busy with friends, busy with work, and busy with blogging. In May, I cut my hair, I dyed my hair, I went wine tasting, I found out that I was a stellar hula-hooper, I went to my first Giants game of the season, I went to LA, I met my ultimate vlogger girl crush, and more (so, so much more). May was a month of celebration, filled with time well-spent with many dear to my heart. Here's a short little recap of my May moments - a video, to help you feel like you were there, and a full stack of sticky sweet pics, after the jump.

First thing's first - I chopped off my hair. But not just because - for a very good reason. I can't spill the beans as to why, but give me a couple of months (I know, I know), and I'll tell you why. Towards the end of the month, I was treated to some subtle highlights by the sweeties at the Sassoon Salon in Unions Square, SF. I'll be going back soon to lighten up my locks a bit more, with Color Director, Nathan Booth, so stay tuned to see what June brings for my mane.

I took a little day trip to wine country for a friend's birthday and found out that my hula hoop skills are second to none. Maybe better when wine is involved, but I still wouldn't want to challenge me...
I love attending baseball games, mainly for the crab sandwiches, garlic fries, and watermelon beer. I love sports and all, but the food is really where it's at for me. No surprise there, right?

I attended the Carolina Herrera store opening and met my style icon, Oliva Palmero.

And then, I met Joe Zee. He inspired me to go for my passion in the editorial field. When I was a sophomore in college, I basically aspired to take his job, (but Elle wasn't hiring) so I started by interning at Allure Magazine. I'm not fashion magazine powerhouse just yet, but I like to think I'm a step or two closer.

I also got my first Minkoff. I know - where the hell have I been, right? I've always, always loved Rebecca Minkoff and still want to add a Mini Mac to my collection, but this beauty's not bad right? I picked it out c/o the Minkoff team when they came to the city for their sample sale.

I also was invited to attend the Ben Folds x SF Symphony concert by the Acura team. I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with Ben Folds prior to attending, but my love of music makes me want to basically attend any and every concert out there. The Acura team was nice enough to offer me a pair of tickets and the symphony blew me away.

As if meeting Oliva and Joe Zee weren't enough, I almost met my ultimate YouTube girl crush, Claire Marshall, whilst working in LA. She's basically the coolest and I was embarrassed to fan girl - but sometimes, you just gotta do it. 
Finally, the cherry on top to an amazing month... some rad features. Remember when I did that brow campaign for Benefit, way back when? Well, talk about a humbling moment - seeing your face (err..part of it) in a window display. I know those bottom set of peepers don't really look like mine, but trust, they are. And then, Teen Vogue wrote that my Carrie Bradshaw had nothing on my tutu look. Not so true, but I'll take it. 

So, in a nutshell, May was freaking fantastic. But you know what? So far, June ain't so bad either. 
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