Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Red Zone

pancakeSTACKER Blog x LUXRAD Collab

One thing that I love so dearly about San Francisco is that it's a city full of movers and shakers. A community of collaborators. Being a blogger has allowed me to work with many different people - from brands to bloggers to artists and photographers - it's all been such a fun ride. I recently collaborated with a new local photographer, Lux, who has a very different from any style of shooting than I'm used to, but that's what makes it great. Working with different styles of photographers has definitely helped me grow in my "art" as a blogger. What started as just a place to showcase my outfits and daily eats, has now turned into a place to grow creatively. I'm looking forward to more shoots with Lux - something tells me you guys are going to get different vibe than what you're used to on here. And this is just a taste. As usual, I am always looking to collab with new photogs and creative souls. If that sounds like you, you know where to find me.
pancakeSTACKER Blog x LUXRAD Collab
pancakeSTACKER Blog x LUXRAD Collab
Urban Outfitters Jumper
Restricted Footwear Booties c/o
Jigsaw London Wool Hat

Photos by: LUXRAD 

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