Monday, October 13, 2014

The Perfect Honey Brown Highlights by Sassoon Salon

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon Highlights by Nathan Booth
After I cut my hair back in April, I decided that I also wanted to lighten it. I've never completely never dyed my hair, so highlights have always been my only option. After getting my hair highlighted by Sassoon Salon's color specialist, Nathan Booth in July, I decided to head back in and get my hair done one more time in August. What came about was the perfect honey brown color I was looking for. (You can see it even more so in this set of photos.) I had a chance to ask Nathan a few questions about achieving the perfect shade for every hair color. Click to read more!
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon x Nathan Booth
Nathan started training to be a colorist at Sassoon Salon back in 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona. After completely his training in London, he began working as a colorist in their D.C. salon. Fast forward to 2014, and you can now find Nathan at the Sassoon Salon in San Francisco's Union Square. As I mentioned, I saw Nathan twice to achieve this perfect honey brown hue. For those considering a color job, Nathan recommends 4-6 weeks in between visits, if hair is in good condition. To keep colored hair fresh, Nathan recommends sulfate-free shampoos for rinsing, as sulfates are "unnecessary detergents used to create lather in shampoo," which end up striping hair of color and leaving hair drier.
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon x Nathan Booth 1

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon Highlights by Nathan Booth
At the time I got my hair done, I was anticipating SF's summer - which has now officially hit. I wanted lighter locks to help freshen up my face and complement my skin tone. For a seamless transition to lighter locks, Nathan recommends highlights. For stronger statements, Nathan suggests "an all-over color" that sticks to "one to two levels up from your current base" to keep hair in optimal condition.
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon x Nathan Booth 2
The foodie in me couldn't resist breaking the hair talk to chat favorite bites. Nathan's current faves are Tartine Bakery in the Mission, known for their morning buns and delicious baked breads, and Cocotte in Russian Hill, which he says has the best rotisserie chicken. And of course, I couldn't end my interview without the money question - favorite pancake "flavor". Nathan's pick? Blueberry. "I adore anything with blueberries and I love their indigo blue color," he says. Good choice, if I do say so myself.
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Sassoon Salon Highlights by Nathan Booth

Thanks so much to Sassoon Salon and Nathan for the lighter locks. San Francisco friends looking for a color change, Nathan is your man. 


  1. Hi there! Love the hair. And I've definitely noticed the same thing about silver and non-natural hair coloring around SF these days. It's fun, but definitely not for me!

  2. It's cute and it's still you. I love it!

  3. Nice:) Giveaway on my blog:)) x


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