Friday, October 17, 2014

Video: 30 Seconds with LeTote

And because my love for LeTote hath no end, how about another video? Here's a quick one where I styled a couple more of their pieces. This plaid button up now lives in my closet because I couldn't dare send it back. I'm sure by the time the year ends, half my closet will be filled with goodies I couldn't resist scooping up. Happy Friday, friends! 


  1. Um smart move on the plaid top! I'd also swoop that cobalt skirt, it's amazing!

    xo Donna

  2. So nice running into you at Studiomix! Let's plan a coffee date soon?


  3. Such a cute video and outfit! Glad you kept that plaid button down - it was made for you! xoxo, BA

  4. Love this! It's remarkable how your blog has grown in a matter of only 4 years. Wonderful content and stylish ensembles.


i love it when you whisper sweet nothings to me.

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