Monday, March 2, 2015

pancakeLEFTOVERS: February

Generally speaking, February is my favorite month. There are many reasons why this is so: it's a month dedicated to love (ah, amor); it's a short and sweet month with a nice little break in between (thank you, President's Day weekend); and, I happen to celebrate my day of birthday during this grand month (age of aquarius, y'all!). So, you see, February is the best. But I'm not biased or anything... And because it is such a grand month, there's no way I could miss out on sharing some highlights. Here we go!

I didn't have a Valentine this year, but boy did I feel the love. I can't tell you guys enough how wonderful last month was - I know it almost sounds like a broken record, but when things are good, I think it's important to enjoy every last drop of that goodness. So what made the month so special? Gosh, where to begin. Right before Valentine's Day, I won tickets to the Hearts After Dark charity event thanks to 7x7 Magazine - not only did I get to ball out like a Giant (yes, I really took some swings in the batting cage with my heels on), but I also got a nice little staycation at the W Hotel. Pure Bliss. I feel as though my life as reached another level of completeness just knowing I practiced right where my dear Buster Posey has - now, how many of you can say that? I rest my case.

In February, I also celebrated another year (hello, 27!) and was so very thankful I was able to celebrate it with those near and dear to my heart. And I've got to say that my friends and family sure know me well because this year, I received so many beautiful bouquets that my desk at work and my home started to make me look like I was a florist - ha! I had a wonderful birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant in the city (we'll save that for an upcoming Food Friday) and I even took a little trip to LaLa land towards the end of the month (look out for the recap post in a post later this week or early next). All in all, the whole month just kind of felt like one long birthday party. An amazing one at that. February was far too kind to me. March, you've got some work ahead of you. 

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