Friday, March 6, 2015

Food Friday: Another Visit To The House

The House 1230 Grant Avenue
4.5/5 Stacks

pancakeSTACKER Blog x Food Friday x The House

As I mentioned in my stack of leftovers, I made my way back to The House for my birthday dinner. It's been on my must-revisit list for a long time, but I've been concentrating on knocking out all my must-try places first. In any case, I was very excited to come back and was equally as happy that the restaurant hasn't changed one bit. If anything, the food has gotten that much better since the last time I was there.
If you're thinking about stopping by The House, be sure to plan ahead. I got incredibly lucky and scored dinner reservations the day before (which almost never happens), but I chalk that up to it being meant to be. Once we were seated, we were promptly welcomed with the specials and our appetizers came out in lightening speed. The wait staff was more than attentive -- they were there to fill our glasses before we noticed they were getting low and knew just when to come by and clear off our plates, so we never sat too long waiting for the next dish to arrive.
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Food Friday x The House
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Food Friday x The House
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Food Friday x The House
pancakeSTACKER Blog x Food Friday x The House
We started with the hamachi and oysters on half shell (which funny enough is exactly what I ordered the last time I was there, oops). Yes, both were just as delicious as the first time I had them. The hamachi was fresh and flavorful - the bits of avocado made everything come together. I order oysters on half shell anywhere I can - when they're fresh, they're amazing. The House makes a tasty spicy cilantro migonette which pairs perfectly with the oysters. Add a spritz of lemon and take your taste buds to heaven.

For my main course, I had to reorder their Warm Wasabi House Noodles with flatiron steak. Their noodles are insane - a flavorful punch packed into each and every bite. This time around, I couldn't finish my whole dish (wanted to save room for dessert, okay?), but I was more than happy to take my leftover noodles home for a midnight snack. The steak was cooked just right - juicy, tender and comforting. I could order this dish every single time I visit and be happy. My mom ordered the Grilled Sea Bass, which had me preeeetttty jealous for a minute, but after another bite of my noodles, I quickly returned to my blissful state.

For dessert we ordered their  Mango Tapioca and Chocolate Truffle Cake (a la mode). As much as I love chocolate, that mango tapioca was out of this world. I basically ate the whole thing to myself. The only reason The House gets less than five stacks is because we had to sit in this incredibly tight spot in between two large tables. Not the most ideal seating arrangement - it kind of seemed like the just put our table there to accommodate more people. Regardless of where you sit, The House is still a must-visit restaurant. It remains at the top of my list of food faves.

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