Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crunch Gym: Free Membership Giveaway!


It's been a crazy couple of months. Between the long hours in the office, weekend trips and overall adult responsibilities (they're real, you guys!), I've found myself spending less of my free time in front of the screen and more of it out and about, doing the things I love. One thing I've found myself trying to do more of is work on my fitness routine. Yes, summer trips require two piece sets and swimsuits galore, but more than anything working out has helped me take a breather from a busy day, giving my mind some "me" time to wind down. And my favorite form of "me" time? Yoga. Don't get me wrong, I love trying other workouts - from spin to dance to rock climbing and boxing - but the one thing that I always go back to is yoga.

I've been a member of Crunch for about four years now and I can't imagine my days without it. I'm an all-city member, so I get to hop around from gym to gym to fit around my busy schedule. I've always been more of a class-kind-of-girl, so it's been great trying out different locations, instructors and classes to see what works for me. Over the years, I've narrowed down my top classes and instructors. If you're a class nut like me and looking for some new ways to spice up your fitness routine, check out my favorite Crunch picks, below:

  • Nocturnal Flow - A soothing and serene yoga flow class, perfect for unwinding the body and mind after a long, hard day

  • Flow Yoga - A vinyasa yoga flow class, perfect for strengthening and sculpting the body

  • Yoga Fusion - A mix between yoga and pilates, perfect for those who really want to target the core

  • Happy Hour Hatha - A challenging, faster-paced yoga flow class, perfect for those who like to sweat out the stress
  • Yes, 4/5 of my picks are yoga classes, but that's just because I'm a yoga fanatic. Crunch offers a multitude of classes, many of which I have yet to try (but want to!). If you're in the market for getting your fitness on, then I have some good news for you:

    • Crunch offers a free 3-day guest pass for those interested in testing out their gyms

    • Better yet, new members can get 15 days for just $15 this August (valid until 8/21) - that's $1 a day, you guys!

    • EVEN BETTER, I'm giving away a free one-month membership, for all my fitness folks. Want in? Just comment below and let me know which of Crunch's classes you want to try and you're entered.

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      Thanks to Crunch for sponsoring this post and to you guys for supporting the posts that keep my blog wheels turning. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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