Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Stacker Style: Sip Champagne When We Thirsty


It's been a while since I've shot with my pal, Melissa, but every time we get together I get so inspired by her work. A few Saturdays back, we got together to indulge in some cream puffs (more to come on that), catch up and sneak in a quick little shoot. I've got to admit, I'm a bit rusty (been on that blog break, you know?). Luckily for me, Melissa basically does all the work, so I still come out looking much better than I could have. Since cleaning out my closet (I got rid of six bags of stuff you guys), the favorites continue to make their way into my daily rotation. Hence - you're seeing some familiar pieces, just in different ways. But hey, that's real life for ya, yeah?



J.Jill Sweater c/o | Plaid Button up via LeTote | Aeropostale Denim c/o | Mark and Graham monogrammed clutch c/o | Sole Society Flats | Erica Weiner Necklace
Photos by: Melissa de Mata

The best thing about cleaning out your closet is you get to see (like literally SEE) all the things you forgot you had. Another good thing? You can make some room for some new things. I've been slow to add new, big pieces to my closet, but I'm all for the small accessories. Two new ones that have made their way into my home are my new Mark and Graham monogrammed clutch and my Biggie necklace. Mark and Graham is changing the game by letting you personalize pieces - from clutches, like the one I'm rocking in this post, to flatware! I'm looking forward to adding more to my collection. If you're looking for another way to add some flair to your day to day, look no further than Erica Weiner's fun "Heartbeats" necklaces. I got two - this Biggie one, because it was way too good to pass up, and a Drake one ... because, hello? Drake.

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