Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Stacker Style: Jump(Suit) for Your Love

I love a good jumpsuit, but the truth is I only own one...and you're looking at it. Don't get me wrong - I have a ton of rompers, but sometimes I feel like jumpsuits are hit or miss. I decided that I'd rather try and return, than not try at all, because landing on the right one is such a score! I grabbed this stunner from Zara. Unfortunately, like with most Zara pieces, this one is all sold out, but I've shared a couple of my favorite black and white options (as well as other similar items to this outfit) in the widget at the end of this post!

Last thought while writing this post... WOW my hair is long. I've actually been testing out this hair style (half bun!) because my token top knot has been getting far too heavy for my head. I'm pretty into it, but am also really into the idea of getting a haircut. We shall see...


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